Photovoltaic panels: oriental in this way and save a lot, seriously

1673728924 Photovoltaic panels oriental in this way and save a lot

There are many important aspects about photovoltaic panels and how to get the most out of them based on how to direct them: details to follow When it comes to photovoltaic panels, there are various aspects that arouse attention also regarding how to direct them, and this to optimize their yield and get the most … Read more

A Sun that never sets: here are space solar panels to produce non-stop electricity

A Sun that never sets here are space solar panels

“A project extraordinary and unprecedented “ this is how the team of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) defined it, which for two years has been working tirelessly on the Space-based Solar Power Project (SSPP), i.e. the study, creation and experimentation of solar tiles modular, scalable and foldable to collect the sunlight where it shines … Read more

Solar panels cost, with this call you recover 75% of the costs

Solar panels cost with this call you recover 75 of

As for the solar panels, costs and investments can be returned with various state bonuses but not only. There is also another great way, like applying. A woman and a child between different solar panels (Freepik) THE MOST READ ARTICLES TODAY:Alternative heating, how to build a DIY stove in 2 ‘Energy crisis, some measures are … Read more

What are the types of balcony solar panels, the costs and the real actual savings

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The balcony solar panel is one increasingly widespread solution between apartment owners and tenants, also thanks to the facilitated procedure. The progressive increase in the electricity bill is a very felt concern, especially in this period. The purchase price of kWh increases every year, leading to ever higher electricity bills. The photovoltaic panel for apartments … Read more

Napoleon at 112 kilometers per hour: too many dangers. The City now puts up the speed detector panels

Chronicle / Como city Sunday 04 September 2022 The data From January 46 fines: in 27 the limit exceeded by over 40 km, eleven over 100 km per hour. The mayor: “By the end of the year two devices that will indicate the points lost on the license” The Napoleona, the main access and exit … Read more

Solar panels from Ikea, photovoltaics has never been so accessible, but is it really worth it?

Solar panels from Ikea photovoltaics has never been so accessible

For some years now it has been possible to buy Solar Panels from Ikea, the famous brand specializing in low-cost furniture. We are all suffering now unsustainable energy costs. Many would like to be able to install a system photovoltaic. In this article we analyze the commercial proposal from Ikea. Canva Choose to install photovoltaic … Read more

Photovoltaic, in Montirone floating central with 16,500 solar panels

Do you want to advertise on this site? A floating “raft” covered by 16,500 photovoltaic panels and anchored to the bottom of theformer Bettoni quarry in Montirone. This is the project (already authorized and developed in collaboration with Bettoni spa of Castegnato) of the 8.5 MWp power plant (10 megawatt hours of energy per year) … Read more

The super sedan with solar panels that travels 700 km

That theautonomy is one of the factors that has prevented, at least up to now, a more rapid and full-bodied diffusion of electric cars it is well known. The battery packs mounted on full electric vehicles generally guarantee tens of kilometers less with a single charge, thus discouraging those who use the car for long … Read more

Starace (Enel): «Via gas electricity in homes. With panels and heat pumps the bill is halved “

Listen to the audio version of the article The states of the European Union must all act together to reduce energy dependence on other countries and move to a new model of consumption of electricity produced with methane, especially for domestic use. Countries like Italy have the possibility of getting out of dependence within four … Read more

Solar panels, new law and new life: the green change is easier

Solar panels new law and new life the green change

The installation of photovoltaic panels is simpler and adaptable to practically any surface. And the costs will be amortized by energy savings. The future will speak the language of sustainability. The Government has decided this for some time and, for this reason, has begun to legislate in the direction of clean energy, so as to … Read more