Qatargate, who are the “friends” of Panzeri’s “team”?

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Of Joseph Guastella Who are the friends Panzeri, Giorgi and Cozzolino counted on to bend the decisions of the European Parliament to the paid wishes of Qatar and Morocco? Prosecutors ready to stop immunities. It will be an opportunity to clarify the boundaries of the corruption network Who are the friends on whom the operational … Read more

All statements by Eva Kaili: “Panzeri’s money in my house? They were there because I have immunity”. And she mentions the names of politicians and assistants: “Do ut des”-Il Fatto Quotidiano

All statements by Eva Kaili Panzeris money in my house

Those 600 thousand euros hidden in a trolley entrusted to the father, they weren’t his or even his partner’s. They were “for Panzeri”. AND it wasn’t the first time that the former MEP of Article 1 carried cash in the Kaili-Giorgi house: he had already done this other times before. “Before Covid he had left … Read more

Qatargate, the EU Parliament dismisses Kaili. At his and Panzeri’s home, 1.5 million in cash

Lancia Prisma molto piu di una Delta con la coda

Eva Kaili was dismissed. On the vice-president of the European Parliamentengulfed in scandal Qatargatethe request of the Conference of Presidents of the Eurochamber which in the morning voted unanimously the early termination of the assignment, arrested as part of the investigation of corruption with Qatar. The house then ratified the proposal shortly after noon with … Read more

Qatar investigation: 750 thousand euros seized in Kaili and 17 thousand at Panzeri’s house – Europe

Lancia Prisma molto piu di una Delta con la coda

“I am enraged and sorry. European democracy is under attack.” There will be a before and after in the history of the European Parliament and it will be dictated by Qatargate. The very harsh words with which the president Roberta Metsola opened the plenary in Strasbourg suggest that the investigation could pave the way for … Read more

Qatargate, EU Parliament raided in Brussels. Eva Kaili and her father found with 750 thousand euros in cash: 17 thousand at Panzeri’s house in Italy – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Qatargate EU Parliament raided in Brussels Eva Kaili and her

Searches of the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office in the offices of European Parliament in Brussels. The investigating judge Michael Claiseowner ofinvestigation on bribes from Qatar and Morocco, showed up in the building on Monday afternoon together with a team of police investigators, just as the plenary session was underway in Strasbourg (the other seat of … Read more