Low cost flights, Wizz Air loses over 23 euros per passenger. Ryanair and Vueling review profits

Aeroitalia the Italian company with foreign funds that takes off

Record expansion in the midst of the pandemic, refunds for canceled flights and the decision not to buy fuel months ago at controlled prices do not reward Wizz Air. In the almost normal first quarter – the one between April and June of this year – the Hungarian company lost over 23 euros per passenger … Read more

Ryanair lost 3.7 euros per passenger, in Italy a quarter of revenues

Ryanair closed its financial year by losing around 3.7 euros for each passenger transported, one tenth of the red line recorded in the previous twelve months and is preparing to return to profit already in 2022 after a negative three-year period due to Covid. this is one of the most significant results that emerges from … Read more