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Ringing in the ears like a whistle it could be

In case of annoying ringing in the ears similar to a whistle, it could also be due to this pathology. This hearing disorder can be caused by a specific disease, especially in the presence of other rather specific symptoms. Ringing in the ears – Source AdobeStock Among the most annoying and difficult to diagnose ailments … Read more

“Vladimir Putin is sick”, still speculations on the health of the Russian president: what pathology he would have

Vladimir Putin is sick still speculations on the health of

We return to talk about the health conditions of Vladimir Putin, who would be showing very particular symptoms related to a disease and therapies Posted on: 26-10-2022 08:40 WEB EDITOR He has been writing on the web for 15 years, taking his first steps as a ghost writer for small and medium-sized companies and debunking … Read more

Cannabis, the former Marshal of the Guardia di Finanza who uses it against his pathology: “I had chronic pain, I was reborn. Let it be legal” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

New obligation imposed by Europe on all cars

More than two years after the start of the discussion in the Justice Committee, the law for the self-production of cannabis, which provides for the possibility of cultivating 4 plants for personal usethe strengthening of the concept of minority and the elimination of administrative sanctions always for personal use, has landed in the Chamber where … Read more

Often red eyes, do not underestimate the symptom: you risk a very serious pathology

Often red eyes do not underestimate the symptom you risk

Red and watery eyes can be the sign of a serious pathology that can lead to blindness: let’s find out which one. red, watery eyes (source pexels) The eyes are a fundamental sensory organ for the health of our organism, and although we often take their function for granted, it is necessary to pay attention … Read more

There is also an alarm in Italy: this pathology is growing exponentially among young people

There is also an alarm in Italy this pathology is

It is the new European Report of the World Health Organization (WHO) that captures the situation. Disturbing data A silent but constant advance. Which was also able to take advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been biting for over two years now. It is not Covid, but it affects more than Covid and more … Read more

Abdominal pain, WARNING: you may suffer from this pathology

Abdominal pain WARNING you may suffer from this pathology

Abdominal pain could be symptomatic of a very thorny problem: pay attention to these signals from our body. abdominal pain (source pexels) Our body sends us gods on time telltale signals about his state of health. Surely you will have happened to suffer from painful cramps in abdominal pains, and the causes attributable to this … Read more

If first the big toe and then the other joints become swollen red and painful, the causes should be sought in this pathology

If first the big toe and then the other joints

Very often traumatic events, bad habits protracted over time, the use of inadequate footwear could compromise the health of the big toe. Finding yourself with a swollen and painful big toe is a wake-up call that should not be underestimated. In fact, the inflamed big toe could be the symptom of a problem that would … Read more