3 ingenious and simple tricks to save money with a pellet stove, to try now!

3 ingenious and simple tricks to save money with a

Saving with a pellet stove rather than with radiators is almost certain. But we can do even more. In fact, it is not enough to choose a heating system that technically saves us on the bill. We can (and must) implement some tricksAnd we will optimize consumption staying warm anyway. InformationToday After a rather hot … Read more

Pellet stoves, heating costs more: how many bags do you need?

Pellet stoves heating costs more how many bags do you

Heating costs more: how many bags of pellets do you need to operate and heat the stove? Pellets for stove (Pixabay) FOR ALL OTHER UPDATES FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM In the lasts yearsmany families have decided to opt for heating with stoves a pellets. Until last year it seemed like one choice really advantageous, the … Read more

Stufa a pellet, è davvero il rimedio a tutti i mali? I pro e i contro – solofinanza.it

1663982904 Stufa a pellet e davvero il rimedio a tutti i

Il caro energia sta già avendo effetti devastanti sull’economia delle famiglie italiane, tanto da cercare ogni tipo di alternativa possibile per riscaldarsi, abbandonando i classici e “cari” termosifoni. Tra le scelte spicca la presenza della stufa a pellet, ma è davvero così efficace? L’inflazione, la crisi energetica, la guerra ed i cambiamenti climatici sono tutti … Read more

Pellet stove, the only solution to expensive gas: they give you a Bonus to change

Pellet stove the only solution to expensive gas they give

The increase in the cost of bills has led many Italians to choose alternative systems. In the case of pellets, it is possible to take advantage of various state subsidies to change your heating system, before the arrival of winter. An ecological choice and above all focused on saving: that of pellets could be the … Read more

Does the pellet cost too much? Let’s find out the alternatives for real savings

Does the pellet cost too much Lets find out the

The price of the pellets annoys consumers who prefer to look for alternatives that guarantee real savings. The rush to buy pellet stoves is experiencing a drastic slowdown. Are there valid alternatives? Adobe Stock After the increase in the price of gas following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and the consequences of the … Read more