MasterChef Italy, Francesco attacks the judges: «Remember that we are people»

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

An unprecedented Black Mystery Boxit Skill Tests under the severe gaze of the starred chef David Scabin it’s a surprise double elimination seasoned with not too veiled controversies. It was an episode of MasterChef Italia full of tension that aired on Thursday 5 January on SkyUno and in streaming on NOW, which ended with a … Read more

Italian study discovers the “stress protein”: young people are at risk

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Reduced levels of this protein can increase levels of anxiety and stress, leading to depression. This is mainly linked to juvenile traumas and anxiety-producing contexts Francesco Palma December 30th Can a protein affect our stress levels? Yes, according to a study by the Reference Center for Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health of the Istituto Superiore … Read more

Whatsapp, the closure is official: the announcement shocks a myriad of people

Whatsapp the closure is official the announcement shocks a myriad

From the new year you will have to say goodbye to WhatsApp, you will no longer be able to access the app. Find out if your phone will save itself from the cancellation of the service of the most used messaging application in the world. Instant messaging applications have changed the way we communicate and … Read more

Fire in an illegal rest home heated with stoves: at least 22 people dead

Fire in an illegal rest home heated with stoves at

It happened in Kemerovo, in southwestern Siberia, where a fire broke out in an unregistered retirement home, killing at least 22 people Posted on: 24-12-2022 15:32 JOURNALIST Journalist, screenwriter, graduated in Communication Sciences. I write because I adored the sound of my grandfather’s Olivetti and because, due to my bad education, I still wonder today … Read more

Toyota’s number one: “Many people skeptical about electric”

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

We are increasingly talking about energy transition and a zero-emission future for the mobility, car and transport sectors. It’s true, these are the projects for the next few years, but it’s equally true that at the moment there are still many doubts. We saw it at the “upper levels”, Europe first declared that by 2035 … Read more

Tunisia, the revolt of the people: no one goes to vote anymore

Maldini Milan are not satisfied with a Scudetto the Champions

11 years after the Arab Spring, only 8.8% of citizens presented themselves to the polls. But the putschist Saied steadfast FROM OUR REPORTERTUNIS – And now strip off the superpowers you’ve given yourself. And leave. Because you don’t keep the seat when the people abstain. What if on Saturday 91.2 percent of Tunisians he refused … Read more

Horse fever, weakness and lack of appetite: 32,000 people from the Marches in bed with the Australian. That’s how long it takes

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

ANCONA – The Australian flu is spreading rapidly also in the Marche region. Typical symptoms consist of high fever between 38°C and 40°C, chills, headache, sore throat, muscle and bone pain, tiredness and weakness, dry cough, runny nose, nasal congestion, inappetence. Almost 32,000 cases reported at local level in the last week (130,000 in total) … Read more

Long Covid like HIV, disturbing what is happening to people and why

Long Covid like HIV disturbing what is happening to people

A recent study correlated two conditions: Long Covid like HIV. Here’s why and what is happening to people. Covid and HIV are both two viruses causing diseasealbeit deeply different from each other. Nevertheless something similar happens to people affected by Long Covid to the AIDS patients. InformationToday Let’s start from the beginning, or by specifying … Read more

Walking backwards makes you lose weight and more: incredible and few people know it

Walking backwards makes you lose weight and more incredible and

It seems that walking backwards brings with it a number of positive aspects that have never been considered before. Let’s discover them all! After reading this article, you will no longer think of walking backwards as a trivial child’s game. Indeed, this demonstrates that one can only learn from them! Canva Photo Every time there … Read more

Study on Covid vaccines for young people: 18.5 adverse events for each hospitalization avoided

Lancia Prisma molto piu di una Delta con la coda

“Our estimate shows that COVID-19 vaccine mandates are likely to cause net harm to healthy young adults, which is not offset by a commensurate public health benefit.” That’s what he claims a scientific article published on Journal of Medical Ethics. The researchers are stark in their conclusions, stating that “the fact that such policies were … Read more