Libya: the crisis exasperates the people, assault on the parliament in Tobruk – Africa

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The economic crisis and political paralysis in Libya have sparked a wave of protests in the country’s main cities, from east to west. The greatest tension was recorded in Tobruk, where the parliament building was stormed. At the end of the day, the demonstrations against the deterioration of living conditions and the political stalemate degenerated … Read more

“Young people do the mess”. Hoara Borselli responds to criticism

by Hoara Borselli One thing was clear but today it is even more so. The word “sacrifice” has been completely abolished. Do not allow yourself to tell young people that the world of work can, indeed should provide for one unpaid apprenticeship because you are directly thrown into the gallows of right-thinking left-wing moralists who … Read more

Few people know but this fruit that contains vitamins and antioxidants could hide many benefits for the health of the organism

We often hear about fruits such as apples, watermelons, peaches, but little is said about a tropical fruit that would have various beneficial properties for the body. We are talking about the tamarind, native to India and East Africa. The name derives from an Arabic word which means “Indian date”. Its pulp is rich in … Read more

PS5 Slim, the prototype makes people discuss: how to reduce the size of the console?

PS5 Slim the prototype makes people discuss how to reduce

PS5 Slim it really exists, although it is simply a prototype made by youtuber DIY Perks, who set the goal of reduce the size of the Sony console, indeed remarkable, transporting the PCB inside a copper case just two centimeters thick. The actual volumes of the components of PlayStation 5 they allow it, as anyone … Read more

Cannavacciuolo: «I started working for free. But today young people also want more “

Do you see around here? We are close to Borgomanero, San Maurizio d’Opaglio, Gozzano. the green province of Novara which overlooks Lake Orta and has the large industries of the tap and fittings district behind it. Today those entrepreneurs are my customers and they are all my friends, they call me Tonino, says Antonino Cannavacciuolo, … Read more

Who are the billionaires people like the most: The first place is amazing

The billionaires like them, the polls and the numbers they make on social media say so. The richest in the world, who enter everyone’s homes through their products and services, are able to divide between those who love them and those who hate them. According to a poll proposed in New York, there are billionaires … Read more

Francesco De Gregori and Antonello Venditti, the concert at the Olimpico in Rome: “We wish young people to survive in 50 years like us” – SCALETTA – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Thirty-two songs, one hit after another, practically an encyclopedia of the history of Italian music. The story of two great artists in a magical night right in their city, Rome, and at the Olimpico. Forty-four thousand cheered and sang for more than hours and a half of the show with Francesco De Gregori and Antonello … Read more

Mental health. “In 2019, nearly 1 billion people were living with a disorder. They are the main cause of disability ”. The WHO warning to governments to reverse the course

Suicide was responsible for more than 1 in 100 deaths and 58% of suicides occurred before age 50. People with severe mental health conditions die on average 10 to 20 years earlier than the general population, mostly from preventable physical illnesses. Social and economic inequalities, health emergencies, warfare and the climate crisis are among the … Read more

Few people know that eating this simple fruit would help cleanse arteries while preventing cardiovascular disease and hypertension

Cardiovascular diseases such as strokes and heart attacks, hypertension, hyperglycemia are just some of the diseases that afflict the world population today. The causes of all these dysfunctions are largely linked to wrong rhythms of life, bad eating habits and a sedentary life. To improve and prevent disastrous clinical pictures, high blood values, symptoms such … Read more

There is also an alarm in Italy: this pathology is growing exponentially among young people

There is also an alarm in Italy this pathology is

It is the new European Report of the World Health Organization (WHO) that captures the situation. Disturbing data A silent but constant advance. Which was also able to take advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been biting for over two years now. It is not Covid, but it affects more than Covid and more … Read more