Israel-Palestine, Prime Minister Lapid’s opening to the UN: “Yes to two states for two peoples”

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

Frozen for some time, the 2-state solution returns evoked precisely by Israel. The premier put it back in the center of the table Yair Lapid before the General Assembly ofUn in New York, in the last remnant of his mandate before the elections on November 1st. A strongly emotional speech – repeatedly marked by the … Read more

For many peoples of the world Elizabeth II is not a figure to be celebrated

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

The death of Queen Elizabeth, which took place on 8 September last, was a historic event whose scale has affected people in every part of the globe. The strict rituality to which court life is linked has given way to one collective commemoration ceremony which naturally spread like wildfire beyond the borders of the country, … Read more

The strange case of the Chinatown People’s Gym, the August evictions and one-way legality

Summer, time for evictions. As tradition dictates, one might say. Usually, indeed almost always, they take place in August, there are many examples. It usually happens when politics can’t respond to disputes. For this there is concern in via Palestro, where those who have been animating the Chinatown People’s Gym for years know they are … Read more

Brad Pitt, confessing the disease: “I don’t recognize people’s faces.” What is prosopagnosia

Brad Pitt shocks his fans. After declaring that he feels at the end of his career, making it clear that his withdraw is approaching, here is another piece of news that leaves you speechless. In an interview with GQ, the Hollywood actor reveals he suffers from one disease which prevents him … Read more