110 percent bonus, jobs started and never finished: 15 people scammed. “70 thousand euros of phantom tax credit”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

MESTRE – There are those who found the house with half plaster with the coat and half demolished, interrupted just as the facade began to have a new look. Who the scaffolding assembled and then abandoned for months, who the new boiler, purchased with the mirage of energy saving, installed but not working and who … Read more

Elisabetta Canalis gets into the ring and wins: «Did I look like a hyena? Now I’m 100 percent “

from Nicola Balice The match between the former tissue and Rachele Muratori in Turin at the Reggia di Venaria. The influencer: “No, it’s just that I was hungry, when I’m hungry I’m sanguine” The first time is never forgotten. And Elisabetta Canalis, this first time in the ring, he will hardly be able to forget … Read more

Regained 20 percent of the lost territory in Severodonetsk | Ukraine Russia, news on today’s war |

from Francesco Battistini, Marta Serafini The news of Saturday 4 June on the war, live. Governor Gaidai on TV: the Russians had occupied 70% of the city • The war in Ukraine has reached the 101st day (here the symbolic photos of the first 100 days). • Mystery about fate of Aleksandr Dvornikovhead of military … Read more