Multiple sclerosis, the San Raffaele study on the new perspective of treatment with neuronal stem cells: “They slow down the disease”

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

The innovation of this study is represented by the use of a new advanced cell therapy based on neural stem cells never used before in patients with multiple sclerosis. These cells, unlike hematopoietic stem cells (used in relapsing remitting forms of disease but ineffective in progressive forms) and mesenchymal stem cells (which have not shown … Read more

Morocco against Belgium, the choice of El Khanouss: symbol of a new perspective for the national team – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Morocco against Belgium the choice of El Khanouss symbol of

At the World Cup in Qatar 2022 supports Morocco: the reasons for our initiative (read) ————————————– Among the communities of migrantsthe Moroccan one is one of the thickest of the whole Belgiumwith population peaks in the cities of Brussels, Antwerp And Mechelen. The challenge between Morocco And Belgiumvalid for the second day of F … Read more

Blog | ‘Feminism and mental health’: the gender perspective can save many oppressed women – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Blog Feminism and mental health the gender perspective can

Who follows mine Facebook page he probably knows that I attempted suicide in January and am now being treated for depression, agoraphobia and eating disorders. In addition to pharmaceutical treatments, it was suggested to me to use the tool that I have always used as a life-saving element, the writing, which according to the psychologist … Read more