Superlega: Piacenza in emergenza fa il colpo a Trento. Perugia travolge Verona

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

Senza Leal e Lucarelli la Gas Sales con il nuovo coach Botti fa bottino Pieno. Gli umbri non si fermano più. Dopo la sconfitta con Milano il presidente di Siena attacca la squadra Siena – Milano 0-3 (15-25, 22-25, 15-25) Sulle ali della bella vittoria in Coppa Italia, Milano apre il 2023 con il rotondo … Read more

Perugia non si ferma più, Civitanova risorge a Piacenza. Modena ok

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Decima vittoria di fila in campionato per la squadra di Anastasi. Zaytsev guida la rimontona Lube. La squadra di Giani sale in classifica Nona giornata di Superlega con tante emozioni. Quello che non cambia mai è Perugia che continua nella sua striscia di vittorie. Piacenza-Civitanova 2-3 (25-21, 21-25, 25-16, 15-25, 13-15) È la gara degli … Read more

The great Gialloblù heart is not enough in Cagliari: Perugia goes to the Super Cup Final

The great Gialloblu heart is not enough in Cagliari Perugia

Cagliari, 31 October 2022 The great Gialloblù heart is not enough in Cagliari: Perugia goes to the Super Cup Final Marko Podrascanin’s wall contrasts the Brazilian Flavio’s attack on the net (photo Benda) The dream of playing a new final at the PalaPirastu in Cagliari vanishes in the fifth set and only after two hours … Read more

Perugia, insults and screams against the trainees in the ward: storm on the director of Neurology

Kate Middleton costretta a un nuovo incarico sta per crollare

from Andrea Pasqualetto The Als association of young doctors denounces the harassment of the teacher. The students of the School hand over an audio and a diary: «Aggressive and persecutory attitude and climate of terror». Some have dropped out. The Rector: “I’m surprised” «Deficient … stupid … piece of m … There would have been … Read more

Perugia, medical specialists record the insults of the director: “Rincog *** …. you are cogl ***”: the complaint to the rector

Perugia medical specialists record the insults of the director Rincog

Over twenty hours of audio of repeated and aggressive insults. «Deficient», «rinco *** i», «I had to go out so as not to lead you». And again: «Your way of answering me corresponds to mental illiteracy», «your feeling must have been that of feeling totally inadequate. What the fuck we are: this you must perceive. … Read more

Federsanità Anci Umbria and Perugia Order of Doctors at work due to lack of general medicine doctors

A meeting was held where it was decided to draw up a common document to be presented to the institutional tables of competence (UNWEB) Perugia, – To undertake a joint action involving the various institutional levels to try to solve the problem of the shortage of General Practitioners, a very important issue in … Read more

Palermo – Perugia: 2-0 Serie B 2022/2023. Final result and commentary on the match – Virgilio Sport

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

90 ‘+ 8’ Thank you for following the live Palermo-Perugia 2-0 and see you at the next Serie B matches.22:58 90 ‘+ 7’ Brunori and Elia give the first victory of the season to Mr. Corini and to the fans, present in mass this evening at the Renzo Barbera in Palermo. Something to review, however, … Read more

Bianchi knocks out Perugia in extra time, Brescia in the semifinals

Corini’s men win 3-2 and will face Monza in the double challenge scheduled for 18 and 22 May Brescia suffers against Perugia and after one hundred and twenty minutes of balance they win 3-2 and conquer the playoff semifinals thanks to Bianchi, who entered in the 105th minute and protagonist with assists and goals for … Read more

Lube at the SEVENTH heaven (Photo / Video) Perugia annihilated at the Eurosuole Forum, CIVITANOVA IS CHAMPION OF ITALY

Lube at the SEVENTH heaven Photo Video Perugia annihilated

TRIUMPH – The tricolor remains on the red and white jerseys, Sir crushed in three sets in Game 4 of the very final played in a very warm palas, which pushed Blengini’s men to the enterprise. It is the 7th Scudetto in the history of the cooking club, the third consecutive and the fourth in … Read more

Perugia – Monza: 1-0 Serie B 2021/2022. Final result and commentary on the match – Virgilio Sport

Perugia Monza 1 0 Serie B 20212022 Final result and

That’s all from Renato Curi, a good continuation of the evening. Until next time.22:40 Saturday 14 May, preliminary round of the play-offs in a straight match: Brescia-Perugia, the winner will find Stroppa’s team in the semifinals.22:40 Alvini draws the wild cards from the bench: Ferrarini, served by D’Urso, gives the play-offs to the Umbrians – … Read more