Bianchi knocks out Perugia in extra time, Brescia in the semifinals

Corini’s men win 3-2 and will face Monza in the double challenge scheduled for 18 and 22 May Brescia suffers against Perugia and after one hundred and twenty minutes of balance they win 3-2 and conquer the playoff semifinals thanks to Bianchi, who entered in the 105th minute and protagonist with assists and goals for … Read more

Lube at the SEVENTH heaven (Photo / Video) Perugia annihilated at the Eurosuole Forum, CIVITANOVA IS CHAMPION OF ITALY

Lube at the SEVENTH heaven Photo Video Perugia annihilated

TRIUMPH – The tricolor remains on the red and white jerseys, Sir crushed in three sets in Game 4 of the very final played in a very warm palas, which pushed Blengini’s men to the enterprise. It is the 7th Scudetto in the history of the cooking club, the third consecutive and the fourth in … Read more

Perugia – Monza: 1-0 Serie B 2021/2022. Final result and commentary on the match – Virgilio Sport

Perugia Monza 1 0 Serie B 20212022 Final result and

That’s all from Renato Curi, a good continuation of the evening. Until next time.22:40 Saturday 14 May, preliminary round of the play-offs in a straight match: Brescia-Perugia, the winner will find Stroppa’s team in the semifinals.22:40 Alvini draws the wild cards from the bench: Ferrarini, served by D’Urso, gives the play-offs to the Umbrians – … Read more