Dear petrol, don’t think about it anymore: here is the fuel that will save you a lot of money

Dear petrol dont think about it anymore here is the

The cost of petrol is certainly a problem of no small importance to motorists all over the world. Something can change though. The expensive fuel makes millions of motorists suffer all over the world, including Italians. Between the war in Ukraine, problems due to oil and more, the situation regarding car supplies is truly critical. … Read more

Postepay, fill up with petrol at this station and get an incredible refund

La fermezza di re Carlo III e le lacrime di

Skyrocketing petrol for a few months now. But fighting the expensive fuel is possible thanks to numerous government incentives and other entities. Many Italian families are always looking for new ways to save. The unchallenged increases in electricity and gas, resulting from the crazy increase in the price of natural gas, have prompted many Italians … Read more

Government, from petrol to third party liability: sting for motorists

Listen to the audio version of the article Insurance, fuel and fines. The coming months could hold bad surprises for road users. On the one hand there is the risk, denounced by consumer associations, for two million policyholders to find themselves with policies quadrupled from 1 January as a result of the rule contained in … Read more

Petrol trick, so you can fill up the tank for free: it’s illegal but a lot of people do it – GiornaleMotori

Petrol trick so you can fill up the tank for

Today, making gasoline has become a real problem since the cost of fuel has reached – practically – “skyrocketing”. But, in addition to trying to use the machine as little as possible, in order to save money, there is a trick, absolutely illegal, to fill the tank. Which? We tell you … To try to … Read more

Dear Petrol, great news for the Italians: the Government’s decision

Dear Petrol great news for the Italians the Governments decision

Excellent news for Italians, as far as expensive gasoline is concerned. The government’s decision comes at a delicate moment, the details. In the past, expensive fuel has hardly made itself felt like in 2022. A year, which is about to end, really complicated from the point of view of taxes and various increases. Every motorist … Read more

Breton: stop on diesel and petrol, the agreement on the car does not change. Yes to a transition fund

Breton stop on diesel and petrol the agreement on the

Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner for Internal Market and Industry «The transition to electric cars will lead to the destruction of hundreds of thousands of jobs along the entire supply chain, around 600,000 across the EU. The automotive sector provides 12.7 million direct and indirect jobs in Europe, equal to 6.6% of total EU employment ». … Read more

Cars, EU agreement: petrol and diesel sales banned from 2035

Listen to the audio version of the article A historic agreement between Parliament and the Council on the future of harmful emissions from light vehicles was reached on the evening of Thursday 27 October. After long months of negotiations, the two institutions have agreed to ban new combustion cars from 2035 onwards. The agreement, the … Read more

Diesel and petrol cars, the EU reverses: “More time to stop”

Paris Berlin clash in the EU on price cap and Sure

The cost of living stops the EU squeeze on cars a gas And diesel. After a series of postponements, on November 9 the European Commission will present the new Euro 7 regulation that will apply to cars registered starting from 2026, but the rules will be much softer than expected, and will not follow the … Read more

Euro 7 car emissions, towards reverse for petrol and diesel

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

According to rumors collected by the authoritative site, the European Commission is not at all preparing to enact prohibitive anti-pollution regulations for thermal engines, but will maintain standards substantially identical to the current ones. Gianluigi Giannetti October 21 In contravention of any predictions made so far by experts and professionals, the European Commission would … Read more

Maxi strike, a country is already out of petrol: the risks for Italy

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

The government French will order employees of refineries to go back to work. After the weekend of hell for motorists and motorcyclists, the fuel crisis caused by the strike of workers across the Alps have now reached alert levels and the executive fears the country’s paralysis. However, the controversial move by Hôtel Matignon could cause … Read more