Flu, off to vaccinations. From Monday also in the pharmacy

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

PAVIA. The flu season has started and so has the vaccination. The GPs have already left, and the participating pharmacies will be involved from Monday. Over 60, elderly, fragile subjects but also children: these are some of the people to be protected in the first place. And from Ats comes the recommendation: «Get vaccinated, this … Read more

In Sant’Angelo inauguration for a “sprint” municipal pharmacy

The ribbon cutting Saturday at the municipal pharmacy of Sant’Angelo (Agosti) Monday 12 September 2022 Redeveloped premises and new services on site, also inside the “Unicef ​​corner” An interior redeveloped pharmacy, pready to guarantee new services. But always and in any case at the service of the citizen. On Saturday morning, after a month of … Read more

Covid, run to the swab at the pharmacy: how much does it cost? What is the difference between rapid and molecular tests?

The Covid this year does not give up even in summer, with all due respect to those who thought that the heat could slow down contagions (and the number of deaths): both theRt index (1.30) both the incidence of cases (763 per 100 thousand inhabitants), and the hospitals reorganize themselves to reactivate those specialized departments … Read more

Bergamasco: “Bertolucci chose me after seeing me in the pharmacy”

from Stefania Ulivi The actress: I ran away from Carmelo Bene’s house after a breakup, we no longer understood each other about anything. I introduced myself to the Piccolo after my father died Giorgio Strehler and Franco Battiato. Carmelo Bene and Checco Zalone. Zubin Metha and Antonio Albanese, the Bertolucci and Camilleri brothers, Irène Némirovsky … Read more

Covid antivirals. Paxlovid does not even take off in the pharmacy: in a month only 2 thousand treatments

by Giovanni Rodriquez The use of Pfizer’s antiviral is hard to take off, which if used within five days of the onset of symptoms can prevent the risk of hospitalization by 80%. Despite the possibility of prescription by general practitioners and distribution also in local pharmacies, in over a month only 2,210 people were able … Read more

Oncology Pharmacy, Sifact: transforming effective therapy into efficient treatment in the real world – Pharmacist33

below162022 National Conference of the SIFaCT Oncology Network, “Present and future of clinical cancer pharmacy between therapeutic innovations and new organizational models” in Bari 17-18 June Transformation of an effective therapy in clinical trials into an efficient treatment in the real world, precision medicine and the active participation of the NHS pharmacist in multidisciplinary teams … Read more

Do not use this drug and return it to the pharmacy immediately | The danger is high according to Aifa

Do not use this drug and return it to the

It is indicated to treat severe infections. But the Italian Medicines Agency intervened to stem the dangers. Drugs have been withdrawn from the market in recent weeks. The Medicines Agency, in fact, is always very attentive to everyone’s health. In this case, some batches of a well-known drug have been withdrawn. Here’s what it is. … Read more