War Russia Ukraine, Moscow: the Makiivka massacre favored by the (forbidden) use of cell phones, the responsible officials will be punished

War Russia Ukraine Moscow the Makiivka massacre favored by the

Putin orders patriotic documentaries in cinemas. They will be dedicated to the invasion of Ukraine and the fight against the “neo-Nazi” ideology of Kiev. This was reported by the Moscow Times, explaining that the Ministry of Culture has until February 1st to implement the order. The Ministry of Defense has been ordered to assist Russian … Read more

Spying on other people’s cell phones will be even easier thanks to this method

Spying on other peoples cell phones will be even easier

To spy on a particular person’s cell phone, sometimes you also need external help. The important thing is knowing how to act. By this we mean that spying is not always a bad or bad thing. Sometimes, in fact, it is also a method to protect what you love. Canva Photo To be clear, in … Read more

The trick to ‘cheat’ WhatsApp and use it on two phones at the same time

The trick to cheat WhatsApp and use it on two

We can trick WhatsApp and use it on two mobile phones at the same time: the trick comes to us from tech enthusiasts. Indeed, we know that the famous application messaging has some limitalthough lately the new features have satisfied users and filled some gaps. Internet. All for free We remember that WhatsApp is used … Read more

AIFA medicines APP: available on all mobile phones with many indications and availability of medicines

AIFA medicines APP available on all mobile phones with many

AIFA Medicinali is the new App made available by the Italian Medicines Agency to meet the needs of citizens. The App is already downloadable from the official stores both for devices android that iOS. Here you are how this handy application worksanother piece that brings us ever closer to the telemedicine. Source: Google Play Store … Read more

Top 5 mobile phones of the moment: you will be speechless

Top 5 mobile phones of the moment you will be

Amazon Prime Day has ended, but there is still time for business: here are five very interesting smartphones for value for money Not everyone can afford to buy one top of the range smartphone, but there are also those who consider the flagships unnecessary based on their use. Autonomy, good reception, large screen are often … Read more

Energy crisis, with cold winter risk of blackout also for mobile phones. Operators and governments run for cover – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Energy crisis with cold winter risk of blackout also for

Among the sectors that could be affected by an energy emergency during the winter there are also the mobile phone networks. As the agency writes today Reuters the unthinkable could come, dumb cell phones across Europe due to power outages. Telecom industry representatives say they fear that a cold winter could also present this risk. … Read more

Russia, the strange case of the return to feature phones

Cesare Cremonini assault on the Euganeo stadium Fans in

The number of feature phones sold in the Russian country is growing: only in the first quarter of 2022 deliveries increased by 43%. Experts fear that the sharp increase in demand is mainly influenced by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. It looks like a new chapter in the saga “Back to the Future” but is not so.There … Read more

WhatsApp, sensational revolution: very soon it will disappear on these phones

WhatsApp sensational revolution very soon it will disappear on these

Some phones will soon be considered obsolete and will no longer have the ability to use Whatsapp. Is yours among them? Whatsapp – Nanopress.it For years now, no one could do without the use of the famous instant messaging application WhatsApp. Soon, however, for users who own older smartphone modelsthis service will cease to function. … Read more