Gabriel Garko, completely disfigured face due to illness / PHOTO

Gabriel Garko completely disfigured face due to illness PHOTO

The gorgeous Italian actor has had major health problems that have ruined his public image. Dario Gabriel Oliviero is known by all as Gabriel Garko, a name that immediately brings to mind a beautiful man, full of charm, for whom women would go crazy. In the 1991 the band wins The most beautiful in Italy … Read more

How is Adriano Celentano today? Here’s the photo after his farewell to TV – newsby

How is Adriano Celentano today Heres the photo after his

Adriano Celentano appeared in a recent photo on Instagram. Photo: Ansa – newsby Adriano Celentano has been dismissed from the small screen for several years now, but on social networks, from time to time, some of his always much appreciated photos appear. Celentano is one of the undisputed myths of Italian song and television. However, … Read more

Training with DJ sets, between safes and paintings: a trip to the new John Reed gym (PHOTO)

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

The DJ console, a stage, a bistro, paintings on the walls: we are not in a disco, but in the new John Reed gym inaugurated today in the city centre. As is well known, Rsg Group, the first fitness company in the world, has taken over and redeveloped, after two years of work, the old … Read more

Sister Cristina took off her veil and left the consecrated life: “Now I’m Cristina Scuccia and I’m a waitress in Spain” – PHOTO – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Extraordinary EU Council on energy on 30 September Commission Plan

To see her without a veil she is almost unrecognizable. Sister Christinathe winner of The Voice of Italy of 2014, he decided to leave the consecrated life. Today is Cristina Scuccia and faces his new life, always dedicated to the world of music. It was Scuccia herself who told of her choice very true. “If … Read more

Rosita Celentano, surprise photo with her brother Giacomo and sister Rosalinda: here they are all three today – newsby

Rosita Celentano surprise photo with her brother Giacomo and sister

Rosita Celentano, eldest daughter of the legendary sprung Adriano and the beautiful former actress Claudia Mori, thrills the fans by sharing a shot that immortalizes her with her two brothers Giacomo and Rosalinda. It is among the three, the best known on the small screen, Rosita Celentano, although she debuted as an actress in Yuppi … Read more

XFactor 2022: save soldier Fedez. Rkomi and Dargen squeeze, Amber saves herself PHOTO

Hell Factor or not Hell Factor, double elimination is always a moment highlight of any edition of XFactor. Especially if it precedes the evening of the unreleased in a season in which unreleased, fortunately, we have heard much less than in the recent past (when they had honestly broken). But above all, dear talent jackals, … Read more

XFactor 2022: MTV, But Is It All True? In the general disaster Rkomi saves Amber PHOTO

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

Just one question, both rhetorical and virtual, to the four judges and the entire production of XFactor 2022: but is this really what you remember about MTV? Barbie Girl And Paradise destination? Because it is true that “I know guys” (even if Ambra and Dargen are over forty while Fedez and Rkomi are in their … Read more

The hypotheses of scientists on the photo of NASA with the sun smiling

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

AGI – Who, as a child, imagined and designed a laughing sun, is scientifically proven, has been right. The Washington Post writes in breaking the news that last week NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured an image of our solar system that looks like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from “Ghostbusters”the “Teletubbies” sun with a baby … Read more

Alfa Romeo, here is the new Giulia “spied” on the street (PHOTO)

Alfa Romeo here is the new Giulia spied on the

After a long wait, a new Alfa Romeo Giulia was intercepted, disguised so as not to be recognized. The photos have revealed the lines of the new Alfa sedan. After betting the chips on two high-wheeled projects, such as the Stelvio and the Tonale, the Milanese house is ready to re-embrace tradition. It is not … Read more

Pamela Prati and that photo with Mark Caltagirone: the truth you don’t expect comes out –

Pamela Prati and that photo with Mark Caltagirone the truth

Pamela Prati and the photo with the alleged Mark Caltagirone: all the unexpected truth, details and curiosities For years she has represented the diamond of the variety for her extreme Mediterranean beauty and her wonderful competence: let’s talk about her, Pamela Prati. In addition to her great talent, the woman has been involved in recent … Read more