Italian cuisine has been voted the best in the world (only eighth for French cuisine). Pizza boom

The best Italian cuisine in the world. This is stated not by any lover of local food, but by the digital gastronomic guide TasteAtlas. Or rather, all its numerous users on the basis of the votes assigned to the most popular dishes, products and drinks in each country. In this sense, to make the boot … Read more

Acrylamide in bread and pizza dangerous to health, could cause cancer: foods to avoid

Acrylamide in bread and pizza dangerous to health could cause

You may have often heard about acrylamide, but what is it and why could it be harmful to your health? Here’s what you need to know about it Many may therefore have heard of the acrylamidebut what exactly is it? That’s why it could be harmful to health and would also be associated with the … Read more

The pizza giant leaves Italy: too many debts

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It was a marriage destined to fail, the one between Italy and Domino’s Pizza. And in the end, the American chain fled quietly from the Peninsula. From where customers have never particularly appreciated the “Hawaiian” with ham and pineapple, seen more as an outrage to the local culture than as a crazy alternative to the … Read more

Domino’s Pizza raises the white flag: all stores in Italy closed

Dominos Pizza raises the white flag all stores in Italy

MILAN – When a pizza with pineapple meets a traditional Margherita, the one with pineapple – at least in Italy, the home of pizza – hours are numbered. She went wrong at Domino’s pizza, US giant of pizzerias with home delivery, which officially raised the white flag in our country by closing all stores: the … Read more

What happened to Domino’s Pizza? Stores in Italy closed: that’s why

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The official announcement by the company is not there, but in Italy the chain closures – from Milan to Parma – make it clear that the crisis is. The company ePizza, which it manages in franchising on the national territory Domino’s Pizza, the American brand born in 1960 in Michigan and famous for its delivery … Read more

Pizza and gastrointestinal disorders, how to avoid them

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There are increasing numbers of people complaining of gastrointestinal disorders following a night out and, above all, having eaten a nice pizza. Symptoms in question are bloating, flatulence, broken stools and digestive upset. In almost all the diets I make, pizza is present on Saturday evening, perhaps accompanied by a portion of raw vegetables or … Read more

Lory Del Santo, malore al Crazy Pizza di Briatore: Non sono pi abituata a mangiare

Crampi allo stomaco lancinanti, vomito e astenia. Si trovava al Crazy Pizza di Flavio Briatore quando Lory Del Santo, 64 anni il prossimo settembre, ha accusato un malore per sua stessa ammissione «mai provato fino a ora». L’attrice, regista e fotografa italiana, originaria di Povegliano Veronese, era alla prima cena fuori casa dopo 80 giorni … Read more