Russian and Chinese military planes violate South Korean airspace: alarm in Seoul and Tokyo

La fermezza di re Carlo III e le lacrime di

The long wave of tensions for the Ukrainian conflict reaches as far as the Far East, where the Japan and the South Korea they scrambled their military jets to respond to the approach of Russian and Chinese strategic bombers engaged in a joint exercise. While the Russia back to accuse the Born to “push” Kiev … Read more

Ita, new hires and one hundred planes: Certares presents its 2023 plan. The US fund ready for purchase in 10 days

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

The goal is to close the deal to privatize Ita Airways within ten days, i.e. September 15, with the Certares fund ready to hire 1,500 employees next year, increasing planes (from 63 to 100) and routes. Thus dodging the torpedoes of the parties, the reaction of the defeated consortium and that of Berlin. It is … Read more

Taiwan, news on the conflict with China. “Beijing’s planes and ships have crossed the midline of the Strait”

Taiwan news on the conflict with China Beijings planes and

Still a long-distance confrontation between the United States and China: always in the center the independence of Taiwan. Nancy Pelosi in Tokyo has returned to harsh tones: “The United States will in no way allow Taiwan to be isolated”. The Chinese answer came in fact with new exercisesi on the Taiwan Strait. Key points 06:43 … Read more

Low cost planes, is an era over? From Ryanair to EasyJet the accounts do not add up (and prices will increase more and more) The calendar of strikes

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

From what pulpit does the anathema come from: «The prices of airline tickets ‘at low prices’ are too low»? The prices of the “low cost“? From the supreme pulpit, from Micheal O’Learysince 1994 CEO of Ryanair founded in 1985 by Tony Ryan, the Irish duo who, taking full advantage of the 1997 deregulation, revolutionized the … Read more

Alarm, the planes are in danger of not flying: what is happening

Alarm the planes are in danger of not flying what

Black crisis for airlines. The staff is at an all-time low but the requests are increasing. Planes risk being left on the ground (and travelers too). Summer has now entered definitively and, as never in the last two years, there is a desire to return to fully enjoy the relaxation missed since Covid broke into … Read more

“They are not effective”: the mystery of Russian planes in Ukraine

He should have gained control of the airspace within a few days, a few weeks at the most. More than two months after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, theRussian aviation instead, it continues to trudge, often falling victim to the counterattacks of the Kiev forces. Are we facing a paradox or are Moscow’s … Read more

War, why are Russian planes not hitting targets? “Moscow has no money for automatic guided missiles”

The great mystery of the war in Ukraine it is the absence of Russian aviation. Since the beginning of the conflict, Western military experts have questioned the reasons why the planes of Putin they are seen very little, they strike badly and do not carry out coordinated actions with the ground forces, as is done … Read more