Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Putin: “Everything is proceeding as planned”. In Dnipro 35 dead in building hit by missile, bombs on Zaporizhzhia

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The victims in the building have risen to 35 Dnipro, hit by a Russian missile. In addition to the confirmed dead, there are more than 35 missing. 39 people were saved, 73 injured, about thirty of whom were hospitalised. “We are fighting for every single person! The rescue operation will last as long as there … Read more

Mediaset has decided to save, here are the painful cuts planned – Arlex

Mediaset has decided to save here are the painful cuts

Mediaset has decided to take the road of savings. It is the first sign of the warm autumn that awaits us. The colossus of the Berlusconi family has clear ideas, many of which the television audience may not like. What ideas? The signals coming from the economic world do not bode well. Two years of … Read more