Earthquake on TV, Rai and Mediaset change forever: never seen anything like it –

1675320150 Earthquake on TV Rai and Mediaset change forever never seen

Technological evolution has brought many new things into everyday life. Very often these are things that previously could not even be imagined but which today are the basis of our common life. Just as often, these are situations that could already be used before but which, thanks to the great technological evolutions, are radically different … Read more

Whatsapp, personalized links are coming! | You can do them in a thousand ways, here’s how –

1673823701 Whatsapp personalized links are coming You can do them

By now saying Whatsapp is equivalent to saying communication. How many times a day do we use it? Whether it’s to organize a business meeting, chat with our better half or chat with friends, it has become an essential part of our daily routine, so much so that it is practically indispensable in every smartphone. … Read more

No jokes on the bill | Check consumption in seconds with this trick –

1673793266 No jokes on the bill Check consumption in seconds

Just a few steps and very few seconds are enough to check all your water, electricity and gas consumption: no more tricks on your bill! Even if the worst period seems to have passed, the costs of the bills still seem to be very high compared to the standards we were used to and for … Read more

WhatsApp: nuovo metodo per bloccare i contatti, risparmierai tantissimo tempo –

1673783431 WhatsApp nuovo metodo per bloccare i contatti risparmierai tantissimo tempo

Con WhatsApp non è mai stato così facile bloccare i contatti, anche senza nemmeno aprire l’applicazione WhatsApp è utilizzato da miliardi di persone in tutto il mondo, il che lo rende un bersaglio redditizio per gli spammer, quei numeri che tendono ad inviare in continuazione messaggi pubblicitari o, addirittura, contenenti virus. Sebbene offra alcuni strumenti … Read more

Free hot water | This saves over €300 a month on bills –

1673624896 Free hot water This saves over E300 a month

A real revolution that can also save the entire cost of the water bill: free in all homes. For months we complained and went into crisis due to the increase in electricity and gas bills, but also the water supply has reached costs never seen before. Many people have a gas or electricity boiler at … Read more