PlayStation VR2: la nostra ultima prova prima che il visore per PS5 arrivi nei negozi

1675349011 PlayStation VR2 la nostra ultima prova prima che il visore

Mentre starete leggendo queste righe, PlayStation VR2 sarà praticamente già in viaggio per le principali località di tutto il mondo, pronto a invadere magazzini e scaffali dei principali rivenditori su strada e online. Quando mancano infatti, meno di 3 settimane all’uscita ufficiale di questa importante periferica per PS5, Sony ci ha concesso la possibilità di … Read more

PlayStation Store: games for less than €2.50, there’s also Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

PlayStation Store games for less than E250 theres also Mirrors

The long ones January Sale, which began when 2023 had not even begun yet, are still active on the PlayStation Store offering all PS4 and PS5 gamers hundreds and hundreds of purchase opportunities. Given that, in all likelihood, buying Christmas gifts is still impacting your finances, and given that a new year of great releases … Read more

Xbox Game Pass e PlayStation Plus sono “fantastici e terrificanti” per il team di Tunic

Xbox Game Pass e PlayStation Plus sono fantastici e terrificanti

Bekah Saltsman, CEO di Finji, team autore del recente e ottimo Tunic, ha riferito qualcosa sulla sua visione della situazione attuale del mercato videoludico, definendo peraltro i servizi su abbonamento come Xbox Game Pass e PlayStation Plus sia fantastici che terrificanti, a quanto pare. In un’intervista a, la Saltsman ha spiegato come il mercato … Read more

PlayStation Store, the best offers of January 2023

1673285949 PlayStation Store the best offers of January 2023

With the January Discounts underway, let’s find out what are the best offers available on PlayStation in January 2023 for the purchase of PS5 and PS4 games. What are the best deals on PlayStation Store available at January 2023 for buying PS5 and PS4 games? The January Discounts have started on the Sony digital platform … Read more

Be careful how you hold your PlayStation 5, you could break it without knowing it – News Videogame

Be careful how you hold your PlayStation 5 you could

If you have managed to buy a PlayStation 5, the first concern of any user is to make sure that it is positioned so that it is not damaged. Whether it’s on a shelf next to or below the TV, or in any other position, given the not exactly cheap cost, anyone would like to … Read more

PlayStation Plus 2022, a year of transformations

PlayStation Plus 2022 a year of transformations

2022 has been a transformative year for PlayStation Plus, with the introduction of Extra and Premium tiers and the arrival of tons of games for subscribers. PlayStation Plus 2022 it was a year of changes and transformations: aware that the numbers of the PlayStation Now streaming platform persisted in not taking off and caught up … Read more

Le esclusive PlayStation del 2023 e oltre: i giochi da tenere d’occhio

Le esclusive PlayStation del 2023 e oltre i giochi da

La fine dell’anno nel mondo dei videogiochi serve per due cose: tirare le somme degli ultimi dodici mesi e iniziare a pensare a quello che arriverà nei prossimi. Il 2023 già ora sembra denso di pubblicazioni, con tanti prodotti di qualità pronti a soddisfare i videogiocatori più differenti. In particolar modo, ora vogliamo analizzare una … Read more

PlayStation Store discounts: three games to buy at a discount at Christmas

PlayStation Store discounts three games to buy at a discount.webp

Sony wastes no time chatting and, well in advance of the start of the new year, has already moved forward by launching the new January Sale on PlayStation Store. The video games on offer are, as usual, hundreds and there is no shortage of productions of great media and qualitative prominence such as Elden Ringfresh … Read more

PlayStation Store discounts: three Complete Editions to buy on offer

PlayStation Store discounts three Complete Editions to buy on offer

Sony continues to tempt all of its gamers with the PlayStation Store year-end offers, a great opportunity to buy quality games at a bargain price. Well aware that resisting the call for sales is almost impossible, we have already advised you these days three PS4 and PS5 titles for less than 5 euros and three … Read more

PlayStation Plus, December 2022: free PS5 and PS4 games announced by Sony

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

Sony today officially announced the PS5 and PS4 games for free for subscribers to PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium which will be available for download during the month of December 2022. Here’s the list: Mass Effect Legendary Edition – PS4 Biomutants – PS5 and PS4 Divine Knockout (DKO) – Founder’s Edition – PS5 and … Read more