Do you remember Maria Antonietta Tilloca of Gf 1? Today nobody would recognize it – Political24

Do you remember Maria Antonietta Tilloca of Gf 1 Today

Do you remember Maria Antonietta Tilloca? You took part in the first edition of Big Brother, the one won by Cristina Plevani. She today she is another person. His name jumped to the headlines for his participation in the first, historical, Big Brother. A program that has revolutionized customs and the way of doing television … Read more

Men and women, the first tronista is him: the secret identity appears – Political24

Men and women the first tronista is him the secret

At Men and Women the news is always updated. In a summer characterized by sparkling gossip, the name of the first tronista is already being made. The program is on vacation only for the public at home, while the staff are working to identify new entrants. Men and Women, the Canale 5 dating show hosted … Read more

Antonella Clerici, is a daydream: at 58 the wonderful news – Political24

Antonella Clerici is a daydream at 58 the wonderful news

Antonella Clerici is on vacation enjoying a phase of life in which everything seems to be going the right way. There is only one thing missing to make the moment perfect. Which? The long hot summer of Antonella Clerici took her to make a stop in Normandy, in the north of France. The best place … Read more

Nicolas Vaporidis goes down hard with Lory Del Santo: his words are exhausting – Political24

Nicolas Vaporidis goes down hard with Lory Del Santo his

Nicolas Vaporidis, interviewed by Corriere della Sera, finally said what he thinks of some castaways, first of all Lory Del Santo. His words weren’t sweet at all. Nicolas Vaporidis won this edition of The Island of the Famous. After spending about 3 months in Honduras, far from his loved ones, his family, his country, without … Read more

Marco Liorni, takes the place of the famous conductor: unfortunately he did not make it – Political24

Marco Liorni takes the place of the famous conductor unfortunately

Marco Liorni is back. He is back to leading a program that, year after year, is becoming more and more of him. It is enough to mention the title that his face appears before our eyes. Professionalism, courtesy and a charm that, when there is, certainly does not hurt, have elected him as one of … Read more

Manuel Bortuzzo, the bad ‘blow’ comes directly from a friend: disaster is assured – Political24

Manuel Bortuzzo the bad blow comes directly from a friend

Manuel Bortuzzo has recently been at the center of a controversy and has also been criticized by a fellow swimmer. Here’s what happened. We know that Manuel Bortuzzo recently – precisely at the end of April – said goodbye to Lulù Haile Selassie, his fiancée. Manuel Bortuzzo – Political24 (Source: Google) Precisely because of him … Read more