WD Black P40: the review of the portable gaming SSD also ideal for consoles

WD Black P40 the review of the portable gaming SSD

Small and versatile, the WD_BLACK P40 external SSD is a fast drive that can be used in many situations: here is our review. The WD Black P40 is a Portable SSD with strong gaming features: high reading speeds, compact dimensions and an RGB lighting system that we gamers like so much. Under the solid black … Read more

HALF THE BILL with PORTABLE PHOTOVOLTAIC but AT WHAT PRICE? Energy independence episode 2 – Andrea Galeazzi

Gemelli tirate fuori gli artigli loroscopo di domani giovedi 22

Photovoltaic panels and storage, yesterday we saw the fastest and cheapest solutions, even portable solar energy recovery and storage. Today we move on to the big one. How big? The one that allows you to absorb and store such energy that it can power an entire home. But will the savings on the bill be … Read more