Belen, the outburst on Instagram and the enigmatic pose: a shower of criticism arrives

Belen, by now, she is used to being in the spotlight. But probably all of the gossip and the chatter, which has accompanied her in recent months, has brought her to the limit of endurance. So the Argentine showgirl unleashes herself on Instagram with a cryptic post that also cost her … Read more

Ibuprofen drug: widely used anti-inflammatory but could pose serious health risks

Ibuprofen drug widely used anti inflammatory but could pose serious health

Ibuprofen has a correlation with chronic back pain. The latest scientific research has revealed an association that scares citizens. Ibuprofen-based anti-inflammatory drugs have long-term consequences for back pain and other problems. Pixabay Drug research sometimes leads to surprising results. Treating one malaise to cause another – or more than one – is not desirable for … Read more