A coincidence Sabrina Ferilli’s post against the cover of Vanessa Incontrada: «Body shaming? Enough crusades “

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from Candida Morvillo The actress on Instagram against the excess of controversy (and covers) on the body: «Let’s talk about Vanessa’s work. I criticize this way of telling everything and the opposite of her “ As everyone tells it, there is Sabrina Ferilli who is fed up with the covers of Vanessa Incontrada in the … Read more

Electric cars must find their own sound – The Post

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The noise of vehicles with internal combustion engines is both a problem of noise pollution and a peculiarity that is sometimes sought after, at least for certain admirers of some cars or motorcycles. Undoubtedly, then, it is often decisive in allowing pedestrians, cyclists and other weak road users to hear that a vehicle is approaching … Read more

Anche quest’anno si litiga sui concerti di Jovanotti in spiaggia – Il Post

Anche questanno si litiga sui concerti di Jovanotti in spiaggia

Caricamento player Nell’ultimo fine settimana oltre 60mila persone hanno raggiunto Lignano Sabbiadoro, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, per assistere ai primi due concerti del Jova Beach Party, il grande tour che Jovanotti sta tenendo in molte spiagge italiane. Come era successo nel 2019, in occasione della prima edizione, nelle ultime settimane diverse associazioni ambientaliste hanno accusato … Read more

What will bring Boris Johnson out? – The post

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The political stance of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, already hit by various scandals and electoral defeats, weakened exceptionally on Tuesday evening, after two of the most important ministers in his government have resigned criticizing his attitude and accusing him of not acting in the national interest. The discontent with Johnson within the Conservative Party … Read more

Shein’s “short-term” fashion is beginning to dislike – Il Post

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

Last April, the Chinese fast fashion (i.e. very cheap fashion clothing) online store Shein was valued at 100 billion dollars, about 96 billion euros, more than H&M and Zara combined, and almost 7 times the figure at which the same company was rated in 2020. Shein’s e-commerce is particularly appreciated by an audience of young … Read more