Monkey pox, watch out for these symptoms: where is it most common in Italy

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The alert on monkeypox continues, even in Italy. In English monkeypox (MPX), is a zoonotic infectious disease, that is, that is transmitted from animals to humans, caused by the Monkeypox virus and thefirst identified in 1970 in rural villages in the rainforest areas of Central and West Africawhen smallpox (in English smallpox) was in the … Read more

Monkey pox, doctors alarm: “Summer festivals are super diffusers”

As of May 26, the overall confirmed cases of monkeypox there were 257 and about 120 suspected ones. But “the situation is evolving rapidly” and the World Health Organization predicts that identified cases “will increase as surveillance expands to non-endemic countries, as well as to countries known to be endemic that have not reported cases … Read more

“Leopard pox in 2023”: the simulation of the G7 to prevent the development of a new pandemic

Leopard pox in 2023 the simulation of the G7 to

The G7 simulation on a new possible pandemic is being discussed: the scenario foresees the spread of leopard smallpox By: VirgilioNotizie | Posted on: 20-05-2022 22:17 40 The advent of the COVID-19 has left an indelible mark: after two years of emergency and crisis, governments around the world would not want to be caught unprepared … Read more