Smartphone, there is a way to preserve the battery: so it does not drain anymore

Smartphone there is a way to preserve the battery so

However beautiful it may be aesthetically, functional to our needs or simply fashionable, any smartphone must have at least one indisputable quality: a battery up to the occasion. All mobile phone manufacturers are improving the performance of one battery which by now must last at least a day, but the excessive use of smartphones does … Read more

Listen to your body! Fatigue is a signal to pay close attention to to preserve the brain (and avoid disastrous choices)

Listen to your body Fatigue is a signal to pay

Working too much with the mind makes us fatigued and tired just as if we were doing a physically strenuous job: this is why we must not underestimate the signals that our body sends us @ IrynaKalamurza / Shutterstock Not surprisingly, at the end of a day of intense physical work, you feel tired and … Read more