Brazil, assault on the Parliament. Police arrest 1,200 Bolsonaro fans. US Dem: “Extradite the former president” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Jan 9, 2023 15:02 US Dem: “Extradite Bolsonaro to Brazil. He used the Trump style to inspire terrorists” First requests in the US to extradite Jair Bolsonaro to Brazil. Joaquin Castro, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told CNN that Bolsonaro used “Trump’s script to inspire domestic terrorists to try to take over … Read more

Lula new president: “Goal of zero deforestation in the Amazon”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Of Foreign editorial staff Lula: «I am committed to rebuilding Brazil with the people. Our goal is to achieve zero deforestation in the Amazon.” Bolsonaro absent from the oath, who flew to Florida. Imposing security measures in the capital of Brazil He swore at 19.10 Italian time, exactly twenty years after the first time. Luiz … Read more

Sick players, not just Mihajlovic and Vialli: the alarm from President Lotito

Sick players not just Mihajlovic and Vialli the alarm from

After the pain for Sinisa Mihajlovic, anxiety about Gianluca Vialli. The world of football discovers another aspect of its champions: vulnerability. And there is who, how Claudius Lotito, launches the alarm on “too many diseases among football players”, calling for insights. Why do so many former players get sick? Is there any relationship between the … Read more

OFFICIAL – Sensational, Lega Pro: president Ghirelli resigns after the rejection of the reform

Mario Caucci ex husband of Noemi Bocchi He knows what

Through a long letter, the president of Lega Pro Francesco Ghirelli has tendered his resignation: decision taken after yesterday’s extraordinary meeting rejected the proposal for the new format that the governance had proposed. Below is the letter: “Dearest, dearest,I waited to hand in my resignation as President of Lega Pro, they … Read more

OFFICIAL: Lega Pro shock. Rejected the reform, comes the resignation of President Ghirelli –

official Earthquake in Lega Pro, with president Francesco Ghirelli resigning from office: the decision was taken after yesterday’s extraordinary meeting rejected the proposal for the new format that the governance had proposed.Here is the letter: “Dearest, dearest,I waited to hand in my resignation as President of Lega Pro, they will be operational from tomorrow.I had … Read more

Tensions in northern Kosovo, Serbian President Vucic convenes the Security Council as an emergency: “The world pretends not to see” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Tensions in northern Kosovo Serbian President Vucic convenes the Security

Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic has called for 19 today one emergency meeting of the National Security Council, following the latest worrying developments in the situation in Kosovowith the escalation of inter-ethnic tension in the Serb-majority north, where since Saturday the Serbs have roadblocks in protest against the arrest of a former Serbian policeman. “A large … Read more

“They’re poisoning me.” Former Georgian President Saakashvili writes from prison to Macron asking for help

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

from Stephen Montefiori The handwritten document with uncertain handwriting and the abbreviation SOS was delivered to the Tbilisi correspondent of the French newspaper Le Monde. Saakashvili, Putin’s sworn enemy, weighs 40 kg and cannot stand up FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT PARIS – Theformer president of Georgia and sworn enemy of Putin, Mikheil Saakashvili imprisoned in Tbilisi … Read more

Scandal in the EU Parliament: “Bands from Qatar to speak well of the World Cup”. Stopped 4 Italians and the vice president Eva Kaili. There is also the former Pd Panzeri: wife and daughter in prison – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Scandal in the EU Parliament Bands from Qatar to speak

Bribes and gifts from Qatar to influence the decisions of the European Parliament. In particular to defend the reputation of world Championships from soccer. It is the center of the investigation of the federal police of the Belgium which led to a blitz with 16 searches in various Municipalities of the area Brussels. On the … Read more

Peru, President Castillo attempts coup: dismissed by Parliament and arrested. His deputy Dina Boluarte swears in: she is the first woman to become Head of State

Peru President Castillo attempts coup dismissed by Parliament and arrested

At the end of a long tug-of-war between the executive and legislative branches, the Peruvian parliament ousted the president in an emergency procedure Pedro Castillo. The Parliament, however, has accelerated a procedure of impeachment for “moral incapacity”, whose vote was scheduled for today. Following the vote that impeached Castillo, the vice president was summoned Dina … Read more

Juventus, Agnelli leaves. The entire board resigns. Gianluca Ferrero will be president – Football

Juventus Agnelli leaves The entire board resigns Gianluca Ferrero will

The entire board of directors of Juventus resigned last night. The decision taken unanimously derives from the involvement in the Prisma investigation for false accounting and from the objections of Consob. Andrea Agnelli leaves the presidency after 12 years. It is Gianluca Ferrero, accountant, auditor, mayor and director of various companies, the man that Exor, … Read more