Is super inflation really over? Price Cooling Signals (and What It Means)

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The first signs are arriving that inflation in Europe is perhaps beginning to stabilize and could begin a gradual decline in the coming months. But if a turning point, the slow turning point of a heavy and complex ocean liner like the euro area’s 11,600 billion turnover economy. The latest preliminary data, those relating to … Read more

Lidl’s new electric scooter at a bargain price! – Stop&Go

Lidls new electric scooter at a bargain price StopGo

To celebrate Black Friday, Lidl strikes hard with a stylish electric scooter sold at a very low price. A deal! Black Friday is today! For the occasion, Lidl is selling a splendid electric scooter at a reduced price. Don’t hesitate to fall in love with this two-wheeled machine that will take you everywhere! The new … Read more

Garmin Instict Solar, the price collapses definitively: to buy now

This Black Friday of Amazon is continuously updated with new offers to scream. Even a few days after the end of this Black Week that has been accompanying us for more than a week now, they are still found sensational offers to be seized on the fly. Today we tell you about one of the … Read more

Microsoft accused of exploiting Activision scandals to acquire it “at a bargain price”

Microsoft accused of exploiting Activision scandals to acquire it at

As reported by the Bloomberg Law portal, Microsoft and Activision Blizzard have been subpoenaed by lawyers for a Swedish state pension fund, over allegations that the $69 billion acquisition was engineered to take advantage of the crisis resulting from the scandals for sexual harassment by the Irvine company in order to close the deal “at … Read more

Alexa behind the wheel: discounted price for Echo Auto with Black Friday

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Echo Auto is a latest generation, comfortable and technological system that allows all motorists to have Alexa services available at all times behind the wheel. A device that looks like a sort of box, practical and unobtrusiveto transform even an older car into a latest generation smart car. From today and throughout this week it … Read more

From China comes the scooter with the accessories of a car: when it will arrive in Italy and the price

From China comes the scooter with the accessories of a

The scooter market is constantly expanding and the model that could revolutionize it is coming from China: will it arrive in Italy? The need to reduce CO2 emissions in cities and in the environment in general also entails the need to make different types of choices for daily mobility. The automotive sector is focusing strongly … Read more

Huawei Watch GT 3 at an all-time low for Black Friday: at this price it’s a bargain

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Not just smartphones and smart TVs. There is another category of tech products that are highly sought after during special events such as the Black Friday. We are referring to smartwatches, devices that have now become commonly used and of vital importance in everyday life. And in these Amazon Black Friday 2022 deals we find … Read more

Fire TV Stick 4K, the price collapses for Black Friday: to buy now

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If there is a product of Amazon which has depopulated among the Italians is certainly the Fire TV Stick, the media stick that connects to the TV via the HDMI port and turns it into a smart TV. The secret of its success, however, also borders on televisions that are already smart and the reason … Read more

Samsung Smart TV, price collapsed: offer not to be missed

It’s easy to say low cost smart TV. Even though TV prices have dropped significantly compared to a few years ago, you still need to be careful. Often, in fact, the lowering of the price corresponds to a sharp decline in the quality of the images and the smart features offered. Not the case with … Read more

IPhone 14, price collapsed definitively: to buy now

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It continues to descend inexorably and touch new historical lows. What are we talking about? Of the price of the iPhone 14 on Amazon. The latest version of the premium smartphone from Apple is back in offer on the e-commerce site and with a very interesting discount for the version with 256GB of internal memory. … Read more