New “leather” for the Chienti tannery, starting again with an investment of 14 million «True Italian pride»

New leather for the Chienti tannery starting again with an

TOLENTINO – The historic company sees the entry into the capital of Invitalia spa and Avm Sustainability. Sustainability, circular economy, innovation are the keys to the future. CEO Marco Luppa: «Investors believed in the company but above all in the work group that has never stopped fighting» From left, the vice president Daniele Straventa, the … Read more

Draghi calls Paola Egonu: “Pride of Italian sport”

Draghi calls Paola Egonu Pride of Italian sport

“Full solidarity with the volleyball champion Paola Egonu by the Prime Minister Mario Dragons in the phone call this morning. The Italian athlete is a pride of Italian sport, he will have future opportunities to win other trophies wearing the national team jersey. “Palazzo Chigi writes in a tweet, giving news of the prime minister’s … Read more

The Dollar King and his Page: the Euro – The Euro, an act of stupid pride

The Dollar King and his Page the Euro The

Guido Salerno Aletta Columnist of the Teleborsa Agency The euro, an act of stupid pride That ofEUR it is a history, both ancient and recent, studded with errors. And the ECBCentral bank without history and without culture, at the helm of a currency without a state, he is collecting catastrophic ones, one after the other. … Read more