Ambra Angiolini responds to Silvia Slitti’s accusations: “Injured privacy and integrity”

Ambra Angiolini responds to Silvia Slittis accusations Injured privacy and

The story Silvia Slitti and Giampaolo Pazzini they decided to move to a seaside resort for a few months in 2020 and, at the same time, to rent their apartment in Milan. As tenants they chose Ambra Angiolini e Massimiliano Allegri , which at that time were still a couple. The love story ended well … Read more

The “anti evasion” algorithm is triggered: how the new weapon of the tax authorities works (and how it protects privacy)

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

A year after France entrusted an algorithm with the hunt for the crafty ones of the tax authorities from beyond the Alps, now it’s up to Italy to equip the fight against evasion with the weapon of artificial intelligence. The Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, has in fact signed the decree that will allow to … Read more

WhatsApp, many make these 3 mistakes: they are dangerous for privacy

WhatsApp many make these 3 mistakes they are dangerous for

There are many actions we do through WhatsApp. Some, however, can really affect privacy. Watch out for these 3 situations. Technology is now an important constant in our life. There are many devices that we use on a daily basis. With them, applications have also become increasingly important. Among these we find the messaging app, … Read more

Sonos Ray, la soundbar per tutti da 299 euro. Annunciato anche l’assistente virtuale Sonos specializzato in musica e a prova di privacy

Sonos Ray la soundbar per tutti da 299 euro Annunciato

Sonos ha scelto New York per un evento stampa internazionale in cui lanciare, all’unisono in tutto il Mondo, alcuni prodotti nuovi e tracciare un nuovo capitolo della sua strategia, legata nientemeno che al debutto di un assistente vocale proprietario, con caratteristiche decisamente nuove. Noi abbiamo partecipato all’evento volando per l’occasione a New York. Ecco il … Read more