Listeria, Sa.Mo soft salami: packaging recalled. The company: «Do not consume the product»

Listeria SaMo soft salami packaging recalled The company Do not

Alarm listeria. The Ministry of Health, through a notice published on its website, reported that packs of soft salami of the brand Sa.Mo srl for “detected presence of listeria monocytogenes”. The production batch affected by the recall dates from 10/27/22, produced in the Matelica (Macerata) plant. The producer warns that «the product must not be … Read more

“Bacterium contamination”, this product disappears from supermarkets: it is alert

Bacterium contamination this product disappears from supermarkets it is alert

Here is the product always present on our tables that has been withdrawn due to the possible contamination of a bacterium. Bacterium contamination – Recently, a much loved product by Italians was withdrawn from the market because it is potentially dangerous due to the possible presence of Escherichia Coli . This was communicated by … Read more

Listeria in this well-known brand of cooked ham: the withdrawn product

Listeria in this well known brand of cooked ham the withdrawn

The alert goes off at the supermarket, here is the well-known brand of cooked ham that has been withdrawn because it is potentially risky for health. Supermarket alert – Nanopress The Ministry of Health and ours supermarkets they care not only for our nutritional health, but in general for the psycho-physical one. Precisely for this … Read more

Food recall, cases of intoxication: this product removed from sales

Food recall cases of intoxication this product removed from sales

Here is the latest food recall that has amazed all consumers. Unfortunately they will never see this beloved product again. Food poisoning – The news of a new food withdrawal is shocking Italy. In one region of our country, in particular, there have been cases of intoxication that shocked public opinion. Fortunately, the competent … Read more

Safety warning hyaluronic acid too many side effects, recalled the product –

Safety warning hyaluronic acid too many side effects recalled the

The best known use of hyaluronic acid is the aesthetic one, with small infiltrations that have the purpose of attenuating the signs of aging, but this molecule is widely used in the medical field also for other treatments. However, too many side effects were noted and the product had to be recalled. Female Doctor with … Read more

Supermarket, empty shelves: goodbye to this product | Always on our tables

Supermarket empty shelves goodbye to this product Always on

Another goodbye to a product that is always on our tables, supermarket shelves are completely empty. Here’s what’s going on. Empty shelves – Supermarkets are gradually emptying the products that are consumed every day, Made in Italy and protagonists of local and international tables. Not only sparkling water, products with the addition of carbon … Read more

“Soon unavailable”, goodbye to this product on the shelves: indispensable in the fridge

Soon unavailable goodbye to this product on the shelves indispensable

This product between the shelves will disappear completely and is something indispensable. What’s going on? Soon unavailable product – The products are gradually disappearing from supermarkets and we must not blame the non-delivery, or a change of direction of the company. There are serious problems and over time many products will no longer be … Read more

Another product withdrawn from supermarkets for “chemical risk”

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

A new food alert caused the withdrawal of another product from the shelves of Italian supermarkets. As always, it was issued by the Ministry of Health which, warned of a high risk after a sample study, initiated the report and requested the withdrawal of the product from supermarkets. This is not a novelty, on the … Read more

Sweetener: the scary backstory behind this highly acclaimed product!

Sweetener the scary backstory behind this highly acclaimed product

By now everyone has seen or knows someone who uses the sweetener every day to not use sugar or to follow a diet, but be careful because what is behind it could really make you change your mind about its use. Usually when you decide to take a healthy and low-calorie diet, you decide to … Read more

ITsART is a flop: wrong product in the wrong country

ITsART is a flop wrong product in the wrong country scaled

Closed theaters, closed cinemas, no concerts or shows: during the lockdown Franceschini, Minister of Culture, thus decided to launch a platform that would allow all Italian artists, from small museums to independent producers, to distribute content by monetizing. Many have renamed it the “Netflix” of Culture, but as we have already written the term … Read more