New Inter and Milan stadium, Scaroni: ‘Impossible to renovate San Siro, the main reason’. Antonello: ‘Project added value for the city’

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Inter And Milan they continue to work on the new stadium, with the public debate starting tomorrow, Wednesday 28 September. Paolo ScaroniRossoneri president, e Alexander AntonelloNerazzurri CEO Corporate, spoke at a press conference at the Barabino studio in Foro Buonaparte: their statements. SCARONI – “We met three years ago and I remember that in that … Read more

Blood analysis, a bracelet will replace the syringe: Federico II University project presented –

Blood analysis a bracelet will replace the syringe Federico II

in the photo Vincenzo Santagada, Antonio CIttadini and Maria Triassi “Thanks to the Biosensing laboratories, within a few years it will no longer be necessary to take blood samples for analysis, but the application of a simple bracelet will be enough to measure blood sugar, electrolytes, sodium, potassium and bnp for heart failure, with the … Read more

Know your belly: “Parmesan” project to find out about its state of health

Know your belly Parmesan project to find out about its

Do you want to know the state of health of your belly, do you want to know how the microbiota, that is the set of over 1000 billion microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and protozoa)) present in the intestine, which affect the general well-being of the organism? In Parma you can, for free. In our University there … Read more

Enotria The Last Song: we tried Project Galileo, the Italian souls

Enotria The Last Song we tried Project Galileo the Italian.webp

“Summer-Soul” is certainly a captivating definition. A declaration of intent, a representationconcise but effective, of what embodies the atmosphere of Enotria: The Last Song, the final name of the game until now was known as Project Galileo. The colors of summer, those warm and anxious of life, paint a world that instead of life has … Read more

A “working gym” for children with disabilities, 100 thousand euros must be raised for the inclusion project

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

Accompany and support people in situations of disability or mental distress in Forlì and the area, as well as their respective families, in a path of work integration through contact with nature. This is the goal of the “Insolite Essenze” project for social inclusion and work inclusion conceived by the social enterprise CavaRei from Forlì … Read more

A park, multipurpose fields, a gym: 2.5 million euros for the sports center from the NRP. “We already had the project ready”

A park multipurpose fields a gym 25 million euros for

Not just a sports polo, but much more. A park, a place that welcomes families with children, an ideal place to walk and to connect two areas of the city with a high population density, Villachiaviche and Sant’Egidio. This is the future multifunctional center of Villachiaviche which, included in the “Cesena Sport City” path, will … Read more

Stadio della Roma in Pietralata: from 60 thousand seats to the expropriation node, here is the project. “Goal 2026”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The first was collected by the Municipality, true yes of the Capitol at the Roma stadium to Pietralata, in the Giallorossi home we are thinking of the next moves: to file the preliminary project by September. Yesterday morning, joint note Campidoglio As Roma: “Following a series of joint meetings”, the Municipality “positively acknowledges the willingness … Read more

IperMilano, the forerunner of Google Maps. Marcella and Marina: in 1989 our project at the Statale

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

from Luca Caglio Logli and Bonomi so curious and innovative that they anticipated the invention of the international app as students of the University of Milan: “Dare, get out of the comfort zone, pursue the revolution” The planet Earth seen from the computer, without going into orbit. The main road rediscovered thanks to the certainties … Read more

Daggerfall Unity – GOG Cut, let’s discover the project that modernizes Bethesda’s game

Daggerfall Unity GOG Cut lets discover the project that

Daggerfall Unity – GOG Cut is a project that aims to modernize the Bethesda classic to make it accessible to new generations. There are video games born on the amateur scene that manage to shine with their own light, eventually attracting the attention of the general public. In fact, beyond the noise and the glitter … Read more

Novorossiya, the obsession that reveals Putin’s project on Ukraine

from Maria Serena Christmas New Russia dates back to the time of Catherine the Great. The historical region returned to the fore in 2014 today inspires revisionisms, inflames nationalist circles and the route to invasion on February 21, 2022, Vladimir Putin on TV addresses his citizen friends, in the darkness of the evening ghosts awaken. … Read more