Russia, pro-Putin propaganda now fears peace: “We must win or we will all be tried”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

from Marcus Imarisius Newspapers and pro-Kremlin talk shows insist that a peace deal on Ukraine would bring the entire people before the International Criminal Court But what peace, but which one negotiated. «We absolutely have to give a damn about what they think there, in the West. And to people, including those from very high … Read more

In 12 months 100,000 landings. Errors, hypocrisy, propaganda: that’s who was wrong | Milena Gabanelli

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

The revolving doors to Europe Migrant pressure begins to be felt on the Italian coasts in 2011, a year in which the landings will be 64,261 overall against 4,450 in 2010. The bulk of departures are from Libya overwhelmed by the instability of the post-Gaddafi period and from where thousands are attempting the crossing to … Read more

La propaganda russa al fronte, così il reporter di regime ha deciso di arruolarsi: “Parto per mettere fine alla guerra. Annessioni? Ho pianto” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

La propaganda russa al fronte cosi il reporter di regime

Da sei anni contribuisce ad alimentare la propaganda del Cremlino attraverso il canale televisivo delle forze armate russe Zvezda. Ma dopo che suo fratello è stato chiamato al fronte in seguito alla mobilitazione parziale ordinata dal presidente russo Vladimir Putin nell’ambito dell’invasione dell’Ucraina, Georgij Mamsurov ha deciso di lasciare penna, taccuino e videocamera e imbracciare … Read more

Weapons, objectives and propaganda: the black week of the Ukrainians

The Ukrainian resistance is facing enormous difficulties in the east, Zelensky asks for more sophisticated and powerful weapons from the allies while deciding the objectives: even the propaganda suffers Ukrainian resistance is facing enormous difficulties in the east. After repelling the invader to the north and fighting for nearly three months in the south, where … Read more