Kate Middleton, the astrologer’s prophecy: “Disastrous changes in March”

Kate Middleton the astrologers prophecy Disastrous changes in March

Time for change for William and Kate Middleton strikes March 2023, when their dreams of taking the throne after King Charles will be dashed. Astrologer Jessica Adams prophesies a radical change in the line of succession. King Charles increasingly weak It would be a blow to William e Kate Middleton if the fortune teller’s predictions … Read more

FTSEMib: a prophecy close to coming true

The forecast of non-decrease of the Italian market for 3 weeks is now closer to materialize. From this follows the subsequent negative direction? We will understand together in this article what the future really holds for us and what to rely on for personal gain. By Fabio Pioli professional trader, creator of Miraclapp, the largest … Read more

End of the internet age? The scientist’s prophecy: why the web will come to extinction

End of the internet age The scientists prophecy why the

Distorted self-image, anxiety disorders, ‘externalisation’ of critical brain functions. And then, worsening our short-term memory and attention which is becoming more and more fragmented and specifically directed. These are some of the negative consequences of the indiscriminate use of the Internet and which will lead us, perhaps in the not too distant future, to distance … Read more

Nouriel Roubini, nightmare prophecy: “What will happen in the next two years”

Nouriel Roubini nightmare prophecy What will happen in the

Nouriel Roubinieconomist at New York Univeristy, explains, in an interview with The print, what will soon happen due to the global economic crisis. The economist has very clear ideas and his forecasts do not bode well: “A recession is coming that could last for years”, explains laconic. Then he articulates his reasoning and reveals where … Read more

Anomalous “rain” of satellites in space: the prophecy. Should we worry?

Raindrops on me. Almost everyone knows the beginning of this song, while there is a much less romantic “rush” that has to do with space. The satellites in orbit are located at many miles away from the surface of our planet, yet problems begin to arise when their period of activity ends. The orbit of … Read more

Rates, the prophecy of the “inverted” curve on government bonds. Is the recession coming?

And here we are again with the usual litany of inverted curve. When short-term yields outstrip long-term yields, recession is inevitable, bears say in apparent sympathy with the chorus of false pessimists. The former rejoice as they can’t wait to finally sell their shares short and in peace; the latter feign distress in an attempt … Read more

Capuozzo’s “prophecy”: “May 9? What will Putin do …”

Capuozzos prophecy May 9 What will Putin do

Starting from February 24th, the day the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, Toni Capuozzo has updated his readers with a series of daily dispatches. Analysis and comments on what happened during the conflict. Often, proposing theses that went (and continue to go) against common opinion. On the occasion of the release of his latest book, … Read more