Proteins and the gym: when to take them and the mistakes not to be made

Proteins and the gym when to take them and the

Nutritionist biologist Riccardo Roveda explains how to manage the delicate relationship between these macronutrients and working out in the gym Francesco Palma November 25th The protein they are an integral part of the diet of every human being, but in particular the relationship that binds them to those who train in the gym seems almost … Read more

Few proteins (and vegetables), lots of vegetables: kidney health begins at the table

Few proteins and vegetables lots of vegetables kidney health begins

More than the drugs we take, maintaining good kidney health depends on what we eat. Food and beverages are involved both in the prevention of kidney disease and especially in the conservative therapy of chronic kidney failure. “Not a disease, like pneumonia or hepatitis – he clarifies Piergiorgio Messa, former director of the complex operational … Read more