Candlelight visits: the protest of general practitioners

«Once again family medicine is ignored in the provisions under discussion in support of businesses and professional studios to make up for the costs of expensive energy and inflation: in addition to being “forgotten” in the decrees dedicated to the refreshment of public employees ( for which a one-off indemnity has been provided for 2023 … Read more

China, the front of the protest against the government is expanding: citizens take to the streets in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdou and Wuhan – The videos

China the front of the protest against the government is

The protest areas of the population are expanding by the hour China against the zero-policyCovid decided by Beijing and against the tightening of isolation measures, while infections are constantly increasing throughout the country. In fact, the country today records a new record of daily positives, touching altitude 40 thousand. In some videos circulated on social … Read more

Candlelight visits: family doctors protest

Candlelight visits family doctors protest

Visits made by candlelight to denounce that the government has forgotten them. Because the maneuver – they argue – has forgotten about them, about family doctors, who will not receive any form of help to deal with the increase in costs, due to high energy prices and rising inflation. “We had asked to be considered … Read more

European banks, protest against the ECB and the Supervisory Authority grows

Listen to the audio version of the article Among the European banks there is growing intolerance towards the excessive leadership of the supervision of the European Central Bank. At least three open fronts: fears of interventions on individual banks to limit the distribution of dividends or to proceed with the planned buy backs, the unilateral … Read more

The Beijing Bridge Man who managed to protest against Xi by mocking security

The Beijing Bridge Man who managed to protest against Xi

from Guido Santevecchi The words against the Party and Xi secretly copied and written on a banner: he would be a 48-year-old physicist. And on the overpasses the guardians arrive There is a new profession in the Chinese security apparatus: the guardian of the bridge. Uniformed policemen have appeared on Beijing’s flyovers since 13 October … Read more

“No to the establishment of the medical faculty at Unical”, sit in protest in Catanzaro: exposed a coffin announcing death Umg

Catanzaro – In the square to say no to a second Faculty of Medicine in Calabria after the one that has been active for decades at the Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro. This is the message launched this morning during the event held in a square in the Lido district of the regional capital. … Read more

Eurovision 2023 will not take place in Ukraine. London first choice, Kiev protest

from Renato Franco The decision of the European Broadcasting Union after the victory of the Kalush Orchestra Ukraine’s dream of hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023 fades. The organizers of EBU (the European Broadcasting Union) have announced that, given the continuing war unleashed by Russia, the event will have to be organized in a … Read more

Tunisia paralyzed, three million workers on strike: the protest against Saied’s choice to freeze wages to guarantee the IMF loan – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Tunisia paralyzed three million workers on strike the protest against

In Tunisia the arm wrestling betweenUgttthe largest trade union in the country, and the president Kais Saied keep on. On Thursday, June 16, the entire North African country was paralyzed by one general strike of the public sector, which involved 159 public administrations and companies and involved around three million workers. Flights canceled, means of … Read more

Don Matteo 13 unattainable but the ending is a tragedy and the protest grows

Don Matteo 13 unattainable but the ending is a tragedy

Don Matteo, the characters who made the history of fiction Don Matteo 13 never disappoints, even with Don Massimo, aka Raoul Bova, who perfectly entered the part. The second appointment of the week, broadcast on Thursday 19 May, records the audience record as usual. Also thanks to the return of Colonel Anceschi (Flavio Insinna) who … Read more