Andrea Crisanti and Nicoletta Catteruccia, together for 36 years: «The purchase of the Palladian villa? I would have killed him”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

from Elvira Serra The virologist and his wife, an anesthetist, met in 1979 in line at the university: He told me: “I have all 30 with honors”. The flaws: She is a bit overbearing, He always takes more than he can chew Nicoletta: I didn’t want to do this interview!. So why did he accept? … Read more

False surety for the purchase of Salernitana, Di Silvio and Consul reported to the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office –

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

The “emissaries of the sheikh who wants Sampdoria” are under the lens of the Prosecutor of Rome for the hypothesis of attempted fraud. Francesco Di Silvio and Francesco Paolo Consul were in fact denounced by the trustees of Salernitana Paolo Bertoli and Susanna Isgròin connection with their joint attempt to purchase the grenade club. The … Read more

Off to the scrapping bonus: incentives for the purchase of a new car are back

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

After the incentives to scrap old mopeds the car scrapping bonus also returns. In fact, the new incentives for the purchase of non-polluting cars up to 60 g / km CO2 will start from 2 November. This was announced by the Ministry of Economic Development, explaining that from 10 am on 2 November bookings for … Read more

Ita, new hires and one hundred planes: Certares presents its 2023 plan. The US fund ready for purchase in 10 days

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

The goal is to close the deal to privatize Ita Airways within ten days, i.e. September 15, with the Certares fund ready to hire 1,500 employees next year, increasing planes (from 63 to 100) and routes. Thus dodging the torpedoes of the parties, the reaction of the defeated consortium and that of Berlin. It is … Read more

Mortgages, in Milan it is a drain: how does the installment change for the purchase of a house of 80 or 100 square meters

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

from Gino Pagliuca Since January, the cost of borrowing has increased by two points. For a 100-meter apartment, it ranges from 672 euros per month for Gratosoglio to 1,343 euros in Porta Volta. For a solution of 80 meters the oscillation between 385 and 856 euros. Difficult loan for young people, but less than a … Read more

Purchase incentives: how to get the check for € 5,000 without ISEE limits

Purchase incentives how to get the check for E 5000

The government has promoted a policy of incentives for purchases, especially in the field of electric or hybrid vehicles. There is a check for € 5,000 available. The health crisis caused by Covid-19 has caused many industrial sectors to stop. For this reason, the Government has thought about a series of concessions and incentives aimed … Read more

Who is Mathias Olivera: characteristics and quality of Napoli’s second purchase

Who is Mathias Olivera characteristics and quality of Napolis second

After the championship in third place, a position that will allow the Azzurri to play there again Champions League next year, the Naples is already projected on transfer market. IS news of the last hour that of arrival of the agreement with Getafe for the purchase of the left back Mathias Oliverawhich will support tomorrow … Read more