Gold, why is the price flying? Record purchases and the inflation effect, it’s a race for a safe haven

Gold why is the price flying Record purchases and the

Bullion-hungry central banks. In 2022 the inflation stunt has accelerated the gold rush. In the first eleven months of last year, central banks bought more than 750 tons of the yellow metal, a level not seen for half a century or so. The numbers are from the World Gold Council, which in the coming days … Read more

New assets owned or purchases that trigger Guardia di Finanza investigations in 2023

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The underlying principle is always the same: the level of declared income must go hand in hand with the standard of living. On the basis of this key element, in the event that a suspicious deviation occurs, the investigations by the Guardia di Finanza are triggered. There are two elements to take into consideration. First … Read more

Green houses, what they are and how the bonus for purchases works

Listen to the audio version of the article To encourage the recovery of the real estate market, one of the amendments presented by the government provides for the deduction of 50% of the amount paid for VAT for purchases of high energy efficiency residential real estate units (class A and B) made within on December … Read more

Homes, ecommerce, luxury purchases: the anti-evasion algorithm arrives

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Here comes the real fight against tax evasion. Where Vera is the acronym (verification of financial relations) with which the new anti-tax evasion algorithm is named. The decree, just signed by the Minister of Economy Franco, makes available to the Revenue Agency a new generation tool that is in the wake of the use of … Read more

State purchases and flows from Algeria and Azerbaijan: this is how Italy prepares for winter without Russian gas

A mix of interventions for next winter with one big unknown: that Moscow decides to stop gas supplies from now. an unlikely scenario, but not impossible: the Kremlin needs the proceeds from the sale of methane to finance the war in Ukraine. If he eliminated them, he would deprive himself of the related income. It … Read more

MacBook Pro 13 (2022) with M2, review: how is the new Apple processor – Corriere Purchases

MacBook Pro 13 2022 with M2 review how is the

The MacBook Pro 13 2022 was a surprise within the Apple galaxy. Everything pointed to a definitive exit from the scene of this model, considering the presence of the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro and the arrival of the new MacBook Air. The Cupertino company has instead chosen to relaunch it, equipping it with the … Read more


“I am happy with the agreement, I wanted to continue, strongly, to coach Fiorentina, which is why I gave up something. I am charged and convinced that we will do great things “, these (more or less) the words of Vincenzo Italiano hotly spoken to a friend on Sunday afternoon shortly after having found the … Read more

The turning point of the ECB: higher rates and stop on purchases. Spread at 229 points, the highest since 2020

End of net asset purchases to stimulate the economy from 1 July and, three weeks later, on 21 July, interest rates rise by 25 basis points (yesterday they remained unchanged at 0, -0.25% and -0, 50%) for the first time since 2011, followed by a further rise at the meeting on September 8, which could … Read more

Specter recession holds back the price lists, Milan keeps up with energy purchases

Positive EU stock exchanges Milan in the wake of

Listen to the audio version of the article (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – Weak closing for European stock exchanges at the end of a cautious session, held back by Chinese data. And in the evening a mixed closing for Wall Street. In Piazza Affari the Ftse Mib finished trading flat (-0.06%), in Paris the … Read more