This purifying and thirst-quenching herbal tea is drunk cold, perfect in summer, which could eliminate abdominal swelling and water retention

Herbal teas are usually associated with winter, colds, seasonal ailments. Let’s imagine drinking a steaming cup of boiling herbal tea in front of the fireplace or sitting in an armchair and wrapped in a blanket. But the herbal tea can be drunk safely even in summer. Just let it cool and put it in the … Read more

It would improve digestion by purifying the fatty liver this herb that few people know but precious for the body

Staying well hydrated is certainly not a mystery, it helps the health of the whole organism. Like a healthy and balanced diet, adequate hydration plays a fundamental role for the body. Especially with the arrival of heat, the right amount of fluids helps maintain body temperature, lubricates the joints and improves skin health. But it … Read more