Who is Medvedchuk Putin’s ally mistaken for 200 Ukrainian prisoners

Who is Medvedchuk Putins ally mistaken for 200 Ukrainian prisoners

The man exchanged for two hundred Kiev soldiers is Putin’s closest ally inside Ukraine. According to American intelligence sources, Viktor Medvedchuk would have been put by the Kremlin at the head of a puppet government in Kiev if the Russian invasion launched on February 24 ended as quickly as Putin hoped by overthrowing the legitimately … Read more

Yellow on Putin’s speech, announced and then postponed to this morning

AGI – The Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech to the nation was postponed until Wednesday. Sky News reports it two and a half hours before the scheduled time, 19:00 Italian on Tuesday 20 September. Announcements of the postponement of Putin’s speech to this morning also appeared on the Telegram profiles of other pro-Kremlin bloggers. According … Read more

US fears about Putin’s moves: the nuclear threat is growing stronger behind the referendums

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

from Giuseppe Sarcina The Biden administration is watching Moscow’s moves with apprehension: if the Donbass territories were annexed, any Ukrainian attack could fall within Russia’s “defense doctrine” which also includes the use of atomic weapons. And the State Department alert is leveling up FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTWASHINGTON – The administration Biden follows with apprehension the moves … Read more

What are Putin’s three chances after the success of the Ukrainian counter-offensive?

What are Putins three chances after the success of the

What are the three possible strategies that Putin could adopt after the success of the Ukrainian counter-offensive according to analysts. Turn on notifications to receive updates on In recent weeks, Ukraine has managed to turn the tide of the war against Russia: the comeback of Kiev was in fact clear and in some ways unexpected. … Read more

Oligarch Ivan Pechorin died, fell from a boat: the list of Putin’s top managers who died

Oligarch Ivan Pechorin died fell from a boat the list

Ivan Pechorin, one of the Russian top managers closest to President Vladimir Putin, was found dead: he allegedly drowned after falling from a boat Posted on: 09-13-2022 22:43 JOURNALIST Freelance journalist. Born in Cagliari in 1993, he graduated in Languages ​​and Communication and then continued his studies in the field of journalism. He takes his … Read more

Sanctions and defeats, Putin’s loneliness. And now Kadyrov also criticizes him: “Change strategy”

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

from Francesco Battistini The Chechen leader angry at the retreat. Lavrov: We do not reject the negotiations. And Macron calls the tsar: “Away with weapons from the Zaporizhzhia plant” Qwhen Mc Donald’s has left Russia, in June, the logo of the new self-sufficient fast food restaurants – two sticks and a circle, to stylize fries … Read more

Who is Ramzan Kadyrov, Putin’s iron ally – World

The lawyer Zuin and the bursts of scams in the

The leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyroviron ally of Vladimir Putin and absolute lord of the Caucasus region, on 20 September 2021 he won the elections with 99.7% of the votes at the end of the ballot. In November, Kadyrov decided to ban Marvel superheroes from children’s spaces. Putin’s controversial ally during a visit to a … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Electricity restored at the Zaporizhzhia power plant. Putin’s soldiers on the run, Kiev regains ground. But Zelensky warns: “Winter will be hard”

Ukraine Russia news from the war today Electricity restored

The Russian front in eastern Ukraine has succumbed and Ukrainian forces recaptured the cities of in just one day Kupyansk and of Izyum after a very rapid advance, which is not over and is spreading to other sectors of the front. Vladimir Putin he not only lost a strategic location in a few hours, nullifying … Read more

Ukraine, latest news. Melitopol, Putin’s party headquarters blown up. Moscow asks for a new UN meeting

Ukraine latest news Melitopol Putins party headquarters blown up Moscow

ServiceEurope Explosion at United Russia headquarters in occupied Ukraine: they were organizing referendums for annexation. Russia raises its voice at the United Nations Security Council, as Kiev denounces: 2.5 million Ukrainians deported since the beginning of the war September 8, 2022 Putin warns: “Stop gas and oil if they impose a price cap” 9:44 Grossi … Read more

Putin’s blackmail, skyrocketing gas prices. Moscow: sanctions off or no methane

Bologna Cosenza 1 0 the rossoblu win for Sinisa Sport

The EU is moving towards the introduction of a ceiling on the price of gas and other emergency measures for contain electricity prices, which will be discussed on Friday by the energy ministers of the 27 in an extraordinary meeting, in an attempt to curb the effects on the markets unleashed by the moves in … Read more