Qatargate: requests to stop immunity for Cozzolino and Tarabella – Politics

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

The European Parliament has launched an urgent procedure to waive the immunity of two MEPs. under Qatargate. “There will be no impunity. None”, announced the president of the Eurochamber Roberta Metsola, stressing that the decision was taken following a request from the Belgian judicial authorities. According to the Belgian newspapers Le Soir and Knack, Andrea … Read more

Qatargate, who are the “friends” of Panzeri’s “team”?

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Of Joseph Guastella Who are the friends Panzeri, Giorgi and Cozzolino counted on to bend the decisions of the European Parliament to the paid wishes of Qatar and Morocco? Prosecutors ready to stop immunities. It will be an opportunity to clarify the boundaries of the corruption network Who are the friends on whom the operational … Read more

The little hand of the Arab Emirates at the origin of the Qatargate

A feud between Arab countries, a settlement of accounts to conquer a privileged position in relations with Europe. While four protagonists of Qatargate are preparing to spend New Year’s Eve in the Belgian prisons in which they have been held since 8 December, the genesis of the investigation that rocked the European Parliament – and … Read more

Qatargate, Giorgi’s revelations: «Panzeri started it all in 2019: his NGO created to do business»

Qatargate Giorgis revelations Panzeri started it all in 2019 his

Antonio Panzeri he would have started working for Qatar when he was still a member of the European Parliament. So Francesco Giorgi provides Belgian prosecutors with details on illegal activities of the director of the NGO Fight Impunity. «The collaboration began at the beginning of 2019», explains one of the key figures of the Qatargate … Read more

Qatargate, Visentini: «Only a book saved me the night in my cell Cash? A donation»

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

Of Joseph Guastella The (suspended) secretary of the ITUC and the bribery scandal: “It is difficult to suspect an NGO like Fight Impunity” FROM OUR REPORTERBRUSSELS – Two weeks weren’t enough a Luca Visentini to completely overcome the shock of the 48 hours of arrest for the bribes of Qatargate passed, say the magistrates, by … Read more

Qatargate, Eva Kaili remains in prison: suspicions about the Italian professor and the Qatar lobbies, what has emerged

Qatargate Eva Kaili remains in prison suspicions about the Italian

The former number two in the European Parliament is accused of having received bribes from Qatar: an Italian professor could be involved Posted on: 22-12-2022 20:10 WEB EDITORS He has been writing on the web for 15 years, taking his first steps as a ghost writer for small and medium-sized companies and debunking fake news. … Read more

Qatargate, Giorgi and the money laundering, the statements to the Brussels magistrates

Mario Caucci ex husband of Noemi Bocchi He knows what

Qatar, Morocco but also Mauritania. The Belgian 007: «Panzeri and Giorgi use a coded language hiding the money in their apartments Money that comes in cash from Qatar and from Morocco with drug trafficking methods, meetings in Paris during which ties and suits are spoken in code to understand wads of banknotesand after close contacts … Read more

Qatargate, Benifei (Pd): “Letta is right, we are the injured party” – Video Tgcom24

Mario Caucci ex husband of Noemi Bocchi He knows what

Speaking to the microphones of Tg4 is the head of the delegation of the Democratic Party in the European Parliament, Brando Benafei, who defends the work of the Dem MEPs and asks that it be cleaned up as soon as possible so as not to lose Europe’s credibility. “This investigation, as secretary Letta said, damages … Read more

Qatargate, Panzeri, Kaili and Giorgi remain in prison. Electronic surveillance for Figà-Talamanca. The Greek media: “60 deputies in the crosshairs” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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Three of the four suspects in the scandal of Qatari bribes in European Union they will remain in prison. This was decided by the judges of the Council Chamber of the Court of Brussels at the end of the first hearing on the Qatargate. The former socialist MEP and president of the NGO remains in … Read more

Qatargate, the EU Parliament dismisses Kaili. And his partner Giorgi talks for hours with the investigators

Qatargate the EU Parliament dismisses Kaili And his partner Giorgi

Eva Kaili was dismissed. On the vice-president of the European Parliamentengulfed in scandal Qatargatethe request of the Conference of Presidents of the Eurochamber which in the morning voted unanimously the early termination of the assignment, arrested as part of the investigation of corruption with Qatar. The house then ratified the proposal shortly after noon with … Read more