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Harry the shocking background on Elizabeths last moments The Queen

“Harry’s fury” does not subside. Now the Prince returns to a hot topic, that of the last hours of Queen Elizabeth’s life. The Duke is making the Royals tremble who, according to rumors, are tired of having to suffer his vitriolic revelations. It is rumored that this time, Carlo may take action. Prince William’s story: … Read more

Vivienne Westwood, the queen of punk fashion, has died

Vivienne Westwood the queen of punk fashion has died

Vivienne Westwood conducted an extraordinary life. His innovation and its impact over the past 60 years they have been immense and will continue to produce effects also in the future. The designer has never wanted to reveal her illness. His condition had worsened in recent daysbut everyone who was close to her told of a … Read more

“She wanted them in the grave with her…” Queen Elizabeth II, the detail after her death – newsby

She wanted them in the grave with her… Queen Elizabeth

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth-Newsby Six months have passed since the death of Queen Elizabeth and the gossip still speaks of her. The UK’s longest-serving sovereign wanted to take a few things with her. It is known that if one is chosen by God to govern the Earth as a Queen, one must return to … Read more

Among the richest families in the world there is an Italian one: it is the queen of Ferrero sweets – The complete list

Among the richest families in the world there is an

12-digit net worths in the hundreds of billions. Families that can boast a wealth higher than that of most of the states in the world. In the list drawn up by Bloombergfor the fourth year in a row, confirmed as the richest family in the world are the Walton, heirs of the founder of the … Read more

Xbox is the queen of new IPs, but it lacks PlayStation-style exclusives

Xbox is the queen of new IPs but it lacks

Xboxes is undoubtedly the queen of new intellectual properties: in 2022 it launched four against zero from Sony and Nintendo, but to the Microsoft console catalog yet PlayStation-style exclusives are missing: great narrative experiences in single player, capable of concretely moving sales and strongly characterizing a platform. It is the Redmond house itself that admits … Read more

Meghan and the farce bow to Queen Elizabeth: the case that makes London indignant

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

In the docu-series “Harry & Meghan” on Netflix Meghan recalls the reverence made to the Queen at the first meeting: but she does it by exaggerating, amidst laughter, the gesture of a “curtsy”, a bow, under Harry’s eyes. And sparking outrage in London One bow too many. In the second episode of the docu-series “Harry … Read more

The era of the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet ends: farewell to the “queen of the skies”

The era of the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet ends farewell

Every legend has a spectacular beginning. That of the Boeing 747 is no different. “If you buy it, I build it”, “If you build it, I buy it.” That’s how it was born queen of the skiesthe Boeing 747 “Jumbo Jet” way back in 1965. A simple handshake between Juan Tripethe president of Pan American … Read more

Six internationals in the quarter-finals if Spain beats Morocco: Europe is always queen

La fermezza di re Carlo III e le lacrime di

In the round of 16 Holland, France, England and Croatia played their part; the fifth European will be the winner of Portugal-Switzerland and Luis Enrique wants to join. Possible to match the six of Russia 2018 Europe is regaining its “central” role at the World Cup. True, it had never happened in the history of … Read more

“No more Royal titles”: Carlo isolated from everyone. Also from the Queen of Denmark

In the United Kingdom, the controversy over the choice of King Charles from reduce the Royal titles to the bone, with the exclusion also of his brother Edoardo, candidate to be the new Duke of Edinburgh. And so, day after day, the Sovereign is increasingly isolatedand tensions rise in the family. Completely different wind blows … Read more

Princess Anne, have you ever seen her daughter? Who is the (beautiful) granddaughter of the late Queen Elizabeth – newsby

Princess Anne have you ever seen her daughter Who is

Have you ever seen Princess Anna’s daughter? Photo: LaPresse – newsby Who is Princess Anne’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth’s rarely talked about granddaughter? Very little is said about all those members of the Royal Family who revolve around the “pivotal” figures known to all, namely Kate, William, Harry and Meghan. In fact, if the children of … Read more