Sanctions effect, further increases for diesel are expected. The excise duty question is destined to arise again and already in February – Il Fatto Quotidiano

1673825552 Sanctions effect further increases for diesel are expected The

For diesel, the worst is probably yet to come. And the problem of excise duties is destined to become more heated than it already is now. Unlike petrol, which is mostly used by cars, diesel is the fuel “that moves the world”. Besides cars it powers trucks, industrial and agricultural machines as well as other … Read more

Cheese: the question we all ask ourselves | Can we eat it every day? The answer you don’t expect –

Cheese the question we all ask ourselves Can we

Cheese, the question we all ask ourselves: can we eat it every day? The answer you don’t expect, here are the details. Whether it’s in the form of grated pecorino or Parmesan cheese, or perhaps included in various tasty recipes or directly cut from a freshly bought wheel, the cheese it is one of the … Read more

“Long live Rai2!” closes, Fiorello’s question that hurts

Fiorello is always a guarantee of success and its transmission Long live Rai2! has recorded more than one record, but closes its doors with the “hurting question” addressed to Francesca Fagnani. “Viva Rai2!”, a television case: until it is suspended In fact, viewers will have to wait until next January 16thin order to listen to … Read more

City-Liverpool, fireworks. Double question and answer, then Aké decides

Maldini Milan are not satisfied with a Scudetto the Champions

In the second round of the League Cup, a crackling match: Citizens, twice ahead and twice immediately joined by the Reds. In the 58th minute the decisive goal by the Dutchman made it 3-2 From our correspondent Davide Chinellato December 22nd – Manchester It will also be the Carabao Cup, the World Cup will also … Read more

Forum 180. Quintavalle: “Mental health is also a question of sustainability”

by Giuseppe Quintavalle The idea of ​​considering mental health as a matter of “sustainability”, (ie helping people to stay in balance) developed in Cavicchi’s book, seemed very stimulating to me. Mental health can actually help millions of people solve their balance problems and thus act as an important sustainability factor 21 OCT – According to … Read more

Google, the question that everyone asks: how do you permanently cancel? Here is the answer

Google the question that everyone asks how do you permanently

Do you want to delete your Google account on the phone? Or do you want to permanently delete it? Here’s how to do it in a few steps, but with some important premises to take into consideration before proceeding In many situations one needs to close a Google account, for example because you have chosen … Read more

Klopp angry at the conference in Naples: “Embarrassing question, you want the headline!”. And he goes away

Klopp angry at the conference in Naples Embarrassing question you

Jurgen Klopp’s conference on the eve of Napoli-Liverpool ended badly: the German coach went from smiles to anger at the question posed to him by a journalist. The group stage of the Champions League, with the first two Italian teams involved: Juve started with a defeat at PSG, Milan drew in Salzburg. While everyone’s eyes … Read more

“Kurds? Painful but acceptable price”: question and answer to La7 between Rampini and the activist Marcucci. And he speaks of the “canea of ​​the Putinians against Erdogan” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Kurds Painful but acceptable price question and answer to La7

Long question and answer a “On air” (La7) between Eddi Marcuccipolitical activist who fought against ISIS in Syria alongside the Ypjthe Kurdish female fighters, and the journalist Federico Rampini on the conditions that the Born accepted to have the ok Turkey at the entrance to the Sweden and Finland.According to Rampini, it is a necessary … Read more

Covid State Aid self-declaration, it is not just a question of extension: the appeal of the accountants

Covid State Aid self-declaration, it is not just a question of extension: the deadline of June 30, too narrow, is one of the nodes. The main criticality is represented by the amount of data requested by the Revenue Agency. And from the associations of accountants comes the appeal for the cancellation of the provision with … Read more

MotoGP 2022. French GP at Le Mans, Pecco Bagnaia: “The trail question is becoming ridiculous and is getting out of hand” – MotoGP –

The Ducati rider is satisfied with his race pace after Friday at Le Mans: “We are the best with Quartararo and Aleix”. On qualifying and the riders in the slipstream: “I didn’t do the time-attack because I only found yellow flags, once I turned around and saw six bikes behind me. I’ll tell you an … Read more