Depression, here’s the test to find out if you’re at risk: answer these questions in 8 minutes

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

Eight minutes. Or even less if you have a good connection. This is enough to have a personalized estimate of the risk of depression. With cloakIn fact, it is enough to answer very simple questions about yourself and your daily life to know in advance how close or far you are from the so-called dark … Read more

Intelligence test in just 3 questions: nine out of ten are wrong! –

Intelligence test in just 3 questions nine out of ten

The intelligence test that comes directly from scientists: it measures your IQ (intelligence quotient) with only 3 questions able to evaluate your reasoning ability. Why waste time doing long intelligence tests, in the end intelligence is subjective, what really distinguishes one person from another according to a MIT professor, Shane Frederickwhich in 2005 had developed … Read more

MotoGP 2022. Ideas, questions and considerations after the Aragon GP – MotoGP –

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

Zam’s analysis at the end of the Aragon weekend September 18, 2022 What were the keys to the GP? The departure of Marquez. Paradoxically, he started too well: had he started worse when the traffic lights went out, the race would have been very different; The departure of Quartararo. Conversely, Fabio did not get off … Read more

Juve-Salernitana, six questions to Rocchi. The images are there, just look at them better

Juve Salernitana six questions to Rocchi The images are there just

TURIN – It’s nobody’s fault. If anything, a camera that, damned, did not capture Candreva’s position. One day a mechanic confessed to me that when you don’t want to admit a mistake you have to throw it on the technician to confuse the interlocutor. And in fact, for two days, in order not to explain … Read more

Death of the queen: open questions about her last hours of life

Questions still remain about the last hours of Queen Elizabeth, who disappeared two days ago, and in particular about what may have drastically aggravated her health conditions causing her death. If the British media do not go so far as to formulate particular hypotheses, others abroad have tried to hear the opinion of doctors who … Read more

Test to enter medicine, all the questions: can you answer them?

There is no year in which there is no controversy after the entrance test to the limited number faculties, especially medicine and dentistry, which will see one in four students pass by. The 2022 tests saw a decrease in the disputed general culture quizzes (15% logical reasoning, numerical reasoning and humanities). Applicants will be able … Read more

Tax investigation, Trump will not answer questions – North America

Tax investigation Trump will not answer questions North America

Donald Trump arrived at the New York Attorney’s Office, where he will be questioned under oath by Attorney General Letitia James as part of theinvestigation into tax returns of the Trump Organization. The American media reported it. But the former president made it known in a statement that he will not answer questions “based on … Read more

Omicron, why doesn’t heat slow down the pandemic? Is there a risk even outdoors? Questions and answers

Even yesterday, infections are growing strongly. The new positives recorded were over 94 thousand, almost double those recorded on the Wednesday of the previous week. Fortunately, the number of seriously ill patients admitted to hospital is still low, albeit growing, but the data still call for caution. And one wonders how this new wave of … Read more

MotoGP 2022. Ideas, questions and considerations after the Assen qualifying – MotoGP –

Zam’s analysis when the engines are hot in the pits and everything is shaking waiting for the night before the races June 25, 2022 What could be the keys to the GP? The weather. It is the first variable, it could be decisive. Forecasts say it will be dry, but we are in Assen, there … Read more

EU, the yes to Ukraine’s candidacy ignites the discontent of the Balkans: “Our questions have been standing for years”. The node dealt with: thus unanimity risks destabilizing the Union – Il Fatto Quotidiano

The day of Ukraine became the Balkan day. The recognition of candidate status a Kiev it was the prologue to a tough battle between the European countries and the 6 representatives of the Western Balkans (North MacedoniaAlbania, SerbiaKosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro), whose accession process to the Union has been at a standstill for years. … Read more