Car rentals, a summer of skyrocketing prices: up to 200 euros per day for a Panda in Sicily and Sardinia. That’s what it depends on – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Car rentals a summer of skyrocketing prices up to 200

Same beach, same blow. And like last year the prices for rent a car they are mind-boggling, far from the values ​​we were used to before the pandemic disrupted production chains. One more piece in what is announced one of the hardest summers for vacationers’ wallets. The increases do not spare any voice, from planes … Read more

TikTok, behind the fun hides a “toxic” working culture. Former employees: “Symptoms of burnout, secrecy and pressure” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

TikTok behind the fun hides a toxic working culture Former

“If I had known who to work for TikTok it would cost me so much, I wouldn’t have never accepted the work: the ‘me’ of June 2020 she would have run away ”. And the November 2021when Melody Chuex senior product manager, decides to leave the US unit of the Chinese company after only a … Read more

Ukraine, in the United States the hypothesis of a recourse to diplomacy is strengthened. Inflation worries the White House more than Moscow – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Ukraine in the United States the hypothesis of a recourse

The war in Ukraine now is bogged down, it will last a long time and neither side seems capable of achieving a decisive victory. Even if only by inertia, the greater specific weight of Russia could favor a slow shift of the balance in favor of Moscow. This awareness is now well present in the … Read more

Gas, in June the EU imported more from the US than from Russia. But independence is far away and in July Gazprom can turn off the taps – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Gas in June the EU imported more from the US

Since the beginning ofinvasion of Ukraineaccording to the estimates of Center for Research on Energy and Clean Airthe EU bought gas, oil and coal from Moscow for a value of almost 64 billion euros, thus financing Putin’s war. But the recent strong supply cuts – decided by the Kremlin, not Brussels – made June the … Read more

Price of gas at 149 euros, the German operator Uniper asks for government help. OPEC increases crude oil production – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Price of gas at 149 euros the German operator Uniper

Opec + (The organization that brings together most of the major oil producers and also includes Russia) confirms an increase in production from 648 thousand barrels a day for the month in August. This was stated by the delegates present at the meeting cited by the Bloomberg agency, specifying that there was no discussion of … Read more

NATO, Turkey withdraws its veto on the accession of Sweden and Finland: “Full cooperation against the PKK”. Stoltenberg: “We will all be safer” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

NATO Turkey withdraws its veto on the accession of Sweden

There Turkey has veto withdrawn at the entrance of Sweden And Finland in Born: the three countries have signed a memorandum of understanding. The turning point came after a summit that lasted more than four hours between the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoganand the counterparts of the two Nordic countries, Sauli Niinisto And Magdalena Anderssonon … Read more

Blog | In the G7 I only see a meeting of the Western elite, arrogant and bankrupt – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Blog In the G7 I only see a meeting

The summit of the G7 is praised by local newsreels for his reassuring power: Western democracies, united, are unbeatable and can win any global challenge against the barbarians. In reality, this summit is the palmar testimony of the failure, arrogance and difference of interests that crosses the West. Let’s see better. The arrogance A good … Read more

Born, Stoltenberg announces the multiplication of the rapid response contingent: “It will reach 300 thousand men” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

NATO meets in Madrid for the most important summit since the end of the Cold War. And the secretary general in the press conference Jens Stoltenberg was unequivocal in foreseeing a strengthening of the east flank, in turmoil after the invasion of Ukraine decided by Moscow. For NATO’s number one, the Alliance will soon have … Read more

Casting for anorexics, the amnesia of a scandal: 10 years ago the golden lion was given to those who hoisted them on stage, with obese and laryngectomees. A girl of 25 years and 27 kilos made herself die to get on it – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Today it causes scandal and anger, but there was a time not far away in which Golden Lions for Lifetime Achievement were given to those who hoisted anorexics on stage. And not only those, but also obese actors of over two hundred pounds and laryngectomees. It is still perceived the echo ofunspeakable casting for anorexic … Read more