Radiators, what time do you have to turn them on to heat and save money

1673761209 Radiators what time do you have to turn them on

What time do you have to turn on the radiators to save money? Only in a certain time slot is it possible. Radiators-photo pinterest Horizonenergia.it At the moment try to save everywhere it is the thing that everyone is doing, due to the increases the bills are the worst nightmare. So where it is possible … Read more

Radiators, never keep them like this: it could be a health risk

Radiators never keep them like this it could be a

Radiators should never be kept this way, the health risk is very high. Here’s how to do it in order not to risk it. clean radiator – Nanopress.it Radiators have become part of everyone’s life, precisely because they represent an ally for the winter against the cold. These tools can be of different types, precisely … Read more

Is it better to heat the house with an air conditioner or radiators? Some calculations

Is it better to heat the house with an air

This is an article of those that we do not like to do. We don’t like it because we are usually very precise with data and numbers, but there are situations where it is not possible to be. When it comes to heating, the variables involved are so numerous that it would be difficult, even … Read more

Radiators, no one knows but they can harm your health: here’s how to eliminate all risks –

Radiators no one knows but they can harm your health

When you want to clean radiators, you never know where to start? Find out how to clean the heaters in the house in a simple way, your health will benefit. A nice clean home is important to have a healthy environment free of pathogens that can put our health at risk. Often when we clean … Read more

Radiators, the foil trick to save energy: lighter bills

Radiators the foil trick to save energy lighter bills

To save money on energy there is a method that involves using some sheets on the radiators. This is what it consists of. sheet trick – NanoPress.it There winter season is upon us and according to what weather forecast experts say, even if the temperatures are still mild, the arrival of La NiƱa. This is … Read more

Radiators and bills, the expert: “Living at 19 degrees is not a drama, you can lose the extra pounds”

The lawyer Zuin and the bursts of scams in the

Not all of the cold comes to harm. To reassure us from the Kremlin’s energy blackmail is Alfredo PontecorviFull Professor of Endocrinology at the Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and head physician at the Gemelli Polyclinic according to whom to lower the temperature of radiators it will be good for your bill and your health.Professor Pontecorvi, … Read more

Radiators, this oversight in the summer empties your wallet: we all forget it | Very high bill

Radiators this oversight in the summer empties your wallet we

Radiators: even if they are not used, it is advisable to take all the necessary precautions to avoid waste and to avoid very high bills. Summer radiators – Nanopress.it Electricity bills continue to rise, which is why it is important to pay attention to waste and do all the tricks necessary to save. The protagonists … Read more