Rockets from Gaza on Israel after the raids, USA: avoid escalation – World

Rockets from Gaza on Israel after the raids USA avoid

Hail rockets were fired from Gaza to the south and center of Israel where alarm sirens had previously sounded. This was announced by public TV according to which there have been various interceptions by the Iron Dome. So far there are no reports of victims. Missile warning sirens are ringing in parts of southern Israel. … Read more

Zeelensky fears the heaviest air raids on Victory Day

AGI – Other military aid for 150 million dollars will arrive from the US. These are mostly artillery ammunition and radar, but the arms funds for Kiev are already practically finished, Biden said. “Congress must quickly unlock the package required to strengthen Ukraine on the battlefield and on the negotiating table,” the US president asked, … Read more

Raids and bombs. And now the Tsar accuses Poland: “A threat”

The weapons speak in Ukraineeven if in the last hours the most important news have arrived on the diplomatic front. Yesterday, in fact, registered the first glimmers of compromise on the Crimea. In particular, the Ukrainian president Zelensky announced the possibility of peace agreements even without the Ukrainian recovery of the peninsula, on the condition … Read more