Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

Reaction to Catena, A quarter past three are confirmed as champions Quarter past three also confirmed champions in the episode of Chain reaction of 17 September 2022. This is their fifth victory against the challengers, represented this evening by the team of the Latins Rascals. A trio that the web has however found ‘not up … Read more

Reaction to Catena, scandal on Rai 1? Money, a very heavy suspect

Reaction to Catena scandal on Rai 1 Money a very

Francesco Fredella 05 September 2022 What happens in Rai? Mount a protest for Chain reactionthe Rai 1 program conducted by Marco Liorni. There are new champions, the trio of Get together, who, along the episode of Saturday 3 September, made shoes at “I Tre allo Spiedo”. Surely everything was achieved thanks to a winning Understanding … Read more

Rafa Leao’s unseen reaction to Inter’s goal: he looks fixedly at Barella, it’s a warning

Rafa Leaos unseen reaction to Inters goal he looks

A look that is worth a thousand words. The ‘speechless’ dialogue between Leao and Barella is a snapshot of what the Portuguese match will be. It all happens after the Nerazzurri’s exultation, the reconstruction of DAZN’s images is eloquent. The look thrown by the Milan striker at the Inter midfielder. A nod of the head. … Read more

Belen Rodriguez jealous of Andrea Delogu? The reaction that leaves no doubt

Belen Rodriguez jealous of Andrea Delogu The reaction that leaves

Andrea Delogu and Stefano De Martino made sparks at TIM Summer Hits. It seems, however, that Belen Rodriguez is not a fan of her colleague nor does she appreciate her closeness to her former dancer and current partner. Belen Rodriguez she is a passionate woman and, by her own admission, quite jealous. The showgirl, after … Read more

China’s reaction after Pelosi’s visit: large military exercises around Taiwan

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

from Foreign editorial staff “Large-scale military maneuvers and training” including artillery fire and Dongfeng ballistic missiles. The exercises in seven maritime areas. Beijing: “Legitimate response to Nancy Pelosi’s provocation” China has kicked off at 12 local (6 in Italy) at most large military exercises never made around Taiwan in a crescendo of tensions in response … Read more

Finland in NATO, Putin’s surprising reaction: Finnish leaders speak

Finland in NATO Putins surprising reaction Finnish leaders speak

The reaction of the Russian president to the news that Finland would ask to join NATO By: VirgilioNotizie | Posted on: 05-15-2022 21:40 There Finland he no longer has any doubts and wants to quickly get under the umbrella of the Born. The fear that what happened to Ukraine could one day happen to the … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war, live coverage – Moscow: “Finland and Sweden in NATO? There will be political reaction”. Electricity supply interrupted in Helsinki – Il Fatto Quotidiano

14 May 2022 11:19 Letta appeals to the parties: “Continuous unity for peace” “I feel I can appeal to everyone so that the unity of the Italian political forces continues; if it continues, Italy can play a very important role for peace ”. This was said by the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, … Read more