How much water should we drink every day? Less than the recommended 8 glasses

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The well-known advice of two liters should not be taken literally: here are the variables to consider on a case-by-case basis to calculate your water needs Source of life and fundamental element for the body and health, water also helps prevent urinary tract disorders, pressure problems, water retention, constipation and fights skin aging, not to … Read more

Not only Covid, the vaccines recommended for the elderly and the chronically ill

Not only Covid the vaccines recommended for the elderly and

For whom it is indicated, do not waste time. The fourth dose or in any case the booster that has the task of reinforcing the defenses of antibodies against the variants of the Sars-CoV2- virus is of great importance. But don’t think that there is only Covid-19. The world of the invisible, and in particular … Read more

From Raspadori to Hojlund, the attackers recommended for the 8th day

Guerra in Ucraina gli Usa stanziano altri 11 miliardi pensando

The resumption of the championship after the break, without strikers like Lukaku and Osimhen, offers some interesting ideas for the attacking department. Here are some suggestions Salvatore Malfitano & commat; malfitoto September 30th – Milan The championship is back, with the usual dilemmas for fantasy coaches. The national teams have caused some ailments and choosing … Read more

Do you suffer from hypotension? Here are the recommended foods to keep you healthy: the list

1664560315 Do you suffer from hypotension Here are the recommended foods

Here is the list of foods that doctors recommend for those suffering from hypotension or low blood pressure. Let’s see in detail. There are so many people around the world who suffer from low blood pressure or hypotension. A condition of physical imbalance that occurs when our blood pressure drops below 90 – 60 mmHg. … Read more

Covid, reservations for the bivalent vaccine are underway. Who it is recommended to and how it works. “Priority for the elderly” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Covid reservations for the bivalent vaccine are underway Who it

Reservations have already started in some regions – Trentino, Lazio, Liguria, Tuscany (from tomorrow), for the administration of bivalent vaccine anti Covid. This is the compound to prevent Sars Cov 2 infection which also covers the Omicron variant now responsible for all infections in Italy. In recent days, the go-ahead was given to the recall … Read more

How can you book for bivalent vaccines and to whom they are recommended. From Monday it starts

from Margherita De Bac On Monday off to appointments for vaccines containing two strains of the CoV-2 sars virus. 18.9 million doses on the way What are the new vaccines? They are called bivalent (adequate or updated) because they contain two strains of the Sars CoV-2 virus, the original one isolated in early 2020, and … Read more

Prevent ischemic stroke with nutrition, here is the complete list of foods recommended by doctors

Prevent ischemic stroke with nutrition here is the complete list

Today, preventing strokes is easier, even with nutrition, thanks to the disclosure of the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. There are gods foods that protect against the onset of certain diseases? The answer is yes, and thanks to Research today we know that one Proper nutrition is crucial for stay healthy. Adobe Stock The … Read more

Smallpox of monkeys. Here are the categories for which the vaccine is recommended. First 4,200 doses will be distributed in the 4 most affected regions. The circulars of the Ministry of Health

The categories for which the vaccine is recommended include laboratory personnel with possible direct exposure to orthopoxvirus and gay, transgender, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM), who fall into a series of risk criteria. First doses of the vaccine will be distributed in the regions most affected at the moment: Lombardy, … Read more

POCO X4 GT review: at € 299 on offer it is a recommended choice!

1657186660 POCO X4 GT review at E 299 on offer it

Fresh fresh from presentation and launch on the official market are the new ones POCO F4 and POCO X4 GTtwo fairly expected smartphones that complete the 2022 line-up of smartphones of this Xiaomi sub-brand, with which it shares similarities, technical specifications, software interface and much more. The object under the magnifying glass today is POCO … Read more

Thanks to aloe vera, intestinal problems, reflux and not only summer burns could be reduced, without exceeding the recommended doses

There are different types of aloe in the world, but the best known is aloe vera. It is known for its many benefits on the health and well-being of the body. It looks like a fleshy plant, has a height that can even reach one meter in height, with tufted leaves. The uses of aloe … Read more