Mom recovers from stage 4 breast cancer with a “new treatment”: “I was given 3 years to live”

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A mom who was given just three years to live after a heartbreaking diagnosis is now free from breast cancer, thanks to a “miraculous” treatment. Judy Perkins’ cancer journey first began in 2003 when she was informed that she had stage zero breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Treatments were successful, … Read more

Blind for five years, she recovers sight in one eye after surgery at Sant’Orsola: it is the first in Italy

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He recovered the sight in one eye after five years of blindness thanks to surgery. “Miracle of science” at the Sant’Orsola in Bologna where Giancarla, 76 years old, suffering from a serious eye disease managed to recover six tenths in one eye thanks to a half-hour operation, never performed before in Italy, one hundredth case … Read more

LIVE Tour de France 2022, today’s stage LIVE: the platoon recovers something, soon the intermediate sprint

LIVE Tour de France 2022 todays stage LIVE the platoon

CLICK HERE TO UPDATE LIVE LIVE TOUR DE FRANCE RANKING 2022 LIVE LIVE OF TODAY’S STAGE OF THE WOMEN’S TOUR 03.03 Now a man from EF Education First is pushing the platoon. An advantage under three minutes is much more manageable. 15.01 In about ten kilometers the intermediate sprint of Carignan. 14.59 After the Politt … Read more