Fitness, when to train to reduce the risk of heart attack

L’physical activity it is essential to keep our body healthy by reducing the risk of cardiovascular mortality. In addition to the intensity and frequency with which you train (for adults and the elderly 150-300 minutes at moderate intensity or 75-150 at vigorous intensity, according to WHO recommendations), it is also advisable to carefully evaluate the … Read more

Bills, photovoltaic solution “to reduce energy costs”: interview with Livio de Santoli

Bills photovoltaic solution to reduce energy costs interview with Livio

Skyrocketing energy costs, households and businesses frightened by bills and what could happen in the winter and the European Union struggling to reach an agreement. In the meantime, there are those who, trying to anticipate the future, decide to switch to a photovoltaic systeman investment that despite the various bonuses and incentives still represents a … Read more

Diabetes, these drinks reduce the concentration of sugar in the blood. Immediate results

Diabetes these drinks reduce the concentration of sugar in the

Diabetes is a syndrome in which the blood sugar level is too high. A situation that requires adequate drug treatment and a diet controlled by competent doctors. Diabetes and high blood sugar (boygostockphoto from Adobe Stock Photo) THE MOST READ ARTICLES TODAY: Diabetes is perhaps one of the most widespread diseases in the world, only … Read more

Enel Energia 2022 bonus for those who reduce consumption: how EssenzialMente works

Enel Energia 2022 bonus for those who reduce consumption how

Here comes the Enel EssenzialMente bonus recognized to those who until December 2022 will use electricity carefully, limiting consumption compared to 2021. The new bonus rewards those who consume less and grants a discount of 10 cents for each kWh saved in the months of October, November and December 2022 compared to what was consumed … Read more

Bills, how the discount of 10 cents per kilowatt hour works if you reduce consumption

Listen to the audio version of the article Starting last Saturday, 9 million Enel Energia customers who have energy supply contracts on the free market automatically participate, without any need to join, in a new initiative, called EssenzialMente, which saves 10 cents per kilowatt hour (the which cost these days is about 30 cents, but … Read more

The popular pain reliever that would reduce cancer deaths by 50% according to a new study

The popular pain reliever that would reduce cancer deaths by

According to a recent research, aspirin has a positive effect on cancer patients, as it would reduce inflammation and improve cellular repair processes, also counteracting the metastatic process. How to store avocado British researchers claim that theaspirin has a positive effect on people with cancer. The team looked at previous research on aspirin and has … Read more

Bills, how to save? Washing machines, showers (short), stoves and TVs: rules and advice to reduce costs

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

Bill prices are rising and, with autumn just around the corner, winter is inexorably approaching and will lead to colder temperatures. A season that risks bringing families and businesses to their knees, struggling with costs that are difficult to sustain. In addition to aid from the government, citizens are forced to follow rules and advice … Read more

Not only 10 thousand steps, the pace also counts to reduce the risk of death

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

from Cristina Marrone Walking speed (80 steps per minute) seems even more crucial than the number of steps in limiting the risk of dementia and cardiovascular disease. However, getting around has health benefits It’s not just the number of steps you do in one day to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, or early … Read more

Unbelievable, ‘Simple’ Flu Vaccine Seems to Reduce Stroke Risk, Study

Unbelievable Simple Flu Vaccine Seems to Reduce Stroke Risk Study

Can a flu shot also protect against diseases it was not designed for? According to a study, yes. Thereinterest towards i benefits – or not – gods vaccines it is increasing and the Researchers are getting interesting information. Here is what a recent study-observation reveals. Canva And of very recent publication one very interesting study … Read more

Now Google Maps Says How To Save Fuel And Reduce Emissions – The Post

Now Google Maps Says How To Save Fuel And Reduce

Google has recently introduced in Europe a new feature within Google Maps to follow eco-sustainable routes, which allow to reduce harmful emissions from vehicles and consumption. The service had already started last year in the United States and Canada, with a subsequent trial in Germany. According to Google, since their introduction, eco-sustainable routes have made … Read more